More Information on PlayTV recently contacted Sony for more information on Europe's PlayTV service to find out what this service can offer, and if they could have any more Information. Read on for more details.

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Skerj3955d ago

The PSP connectivity alone makes it worth my while.

Shadow Flare3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

The fact that i have a ps3, a psp and a HDTV makes it worth my while. I'd be an idiot not to get it


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RealityCheck3955d ago

Sounds like a winning product for Europeans. Here in the US, with the state of HD broadcasts tied to badly supported CableCARDs, such a product would not make sense. Maybe in the far future but not in the near future. CableCARDs are such a mess. All because the FCCs doesn't have the guts to stand up to private interests.

pandabear3955d ago

I have an HD TV and Sky + (UK) is there any point in me having PlayTV?

Genuine question.

Shadow Flare3955d ago

probably not to be honest. If you want convinence, then you could scrap the sky box and use your ps3 for everything. And i dunno if Sky + does 1080p, but playTV does. But Sky will probably have more channels to choose from. But playTV might have no subscriptions to pay, cos it'll be like freeview. Whatever way you look at it, playTV pumps a really good signal through, is great for HD and simplifies things cos it'll make your ps3 the hub of your living room. It essentially does everything freeview does but with Sky + abilities i believe. all over the place here, i hope you garnered something from that mess of a comment

RealityCheck3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

ShadowFlare, do you know the implementation details? They mention 2 HDTV tuners, to me that would mean it takes the signal from an HDTV broadcast. Or is it net streamed, like IPTV. Now that would be quite different and quite a feat.

If it is from broadcasts (tuners), then it will only work with DRM-free signals.

Shadow Flare3955d ago

Reality Check, im not 100% on this so, you know but i believe playTV uses the internet, like IPTV i believe. That's the impression i've got from the info i've harvested from the web. Being a product that coincides with the ps3 (a machine very much online based) a can't imagine playTV using normal signals. Plus you can update the set-top box through firmware upgrades via the i think its internet based. Besides, the whole point of the ps3 is to be future-proof. So i'll put it all on internet based.

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suedester3955d ago

It's definitely not internet based. It connects to a normal tv aerial like a freeview box. Firmware is updated via the psn.

Biphter3955d ago

If it was you'd not need the tuners, it would be possible to put IPTV throught the ethernet connection already built into PS3. But you'd need a ridiculously high speed internet connection to get fluid HD so I guess thats why Sony have opted for hardware Tuners that are DVB-T SD and HD ready. You are basically turning your PS3 into a freeview box with bells and whistles.

The main features being you can Record on one and watch on another tuner, and connect with a PSP. If you wanted to watch two seperate streams toghether over remote play for example Imagine the wife has one PSP and is watching Corry whilst you have another PSP and can watch the match (say in bed upstairs? sad I know!!) or you have one stream going on the PS3 and another on a single PSP. The possibilities with this setup seem amazing, is just a shame its restricted to freeview. I personally wished they could have struck a deal with Sky, but really that would poach on Skys own hardware monopoly.

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nofilter3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Sadly, this looks like the text from the press release back in August. Still sounds pretty good though.

rushbd3955d ago

Normal SDTV pal signals ??

Shadow Flare3955d ago

Quote from article:

"PlayTV will also set the correct interface for either Standard Definition or High Definition displays, maximising the viewing experience."

And it has to work for PAL cause playTV is a european concept only at the moment

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