Portal 2 Turret Song Translated

Remember that lovely song at the ending of Portal 2 that featured Turrets? Well a dedicated Valve fan has decided to translate the song and using Google Translate, the language came up as Italian.

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epicdestroy2554d ago

The song at the end of the first portal was WAY better...

TheBeast2554d ago

Still Alive...still alive. Ah good times.

MaxXAttaxX2553d ago

"WAY better"? Don't think so.
That wasn't even the ending credits song from Portal 2.

"Still Alive" is great and catchy.
But "Want You Gone" is also great. And some, including myself, like it a little bit better.

Cheeseknight282554d ago

Compared to this turret song or to Want You Gone? I mean that's true IMO either way but this one isn't really meant to be comparable to Still Alive.

Jio2553d ago

Still alive was only amazing because it was unexpected. We all knew what was coming for the end of Portal 2.

Rybakov2554d ago

i like portal 2's better cause every child and rock band had to sing it over and over and over while repeating the cake is a lie that i just hate those 2 things the want you gone song was much funnier than still alive

Master_S2554d ago

This turret song is good.

LiquidSnack2553d ago

A dedicated fan? The process takes 5 seconds.

This is pretty old news anyway, people translated it on day 1.

wlchrbandit2553d ago

It's news to me. I don't wanna come across rude, but I hate all this hipster nonsense.. people coming onto news stories and saying things like "old", "seen this days ago" etc..

It doesn't make it any less news worthy if you happened to see it on a forum a week ago, not everyone lives on the internet. I really want to stay away from insulting you, but want you to know, knowing something before someone else doesn't make you any more respectable.

Anywho, onto a different subject. I've come up with an idea, although i dont really have the means to see it through. A turret mini fridge. Think about it, a scale model of turret, but instead of guns in It's foldy out bits it contains a column of cans. It could even rigged to speak as well.

I want one! :P

distorted_reality2553d ago

Complaining about people saying old is so old man.

wlchrbandit2553d ago

Haha, I'll give you that one! :D