PSN Hackers' Chat Logs

Want to know the inner-workings of the minds behind PSN’s latest downtime fiasco? Well look no farther! We’ve obtained the Chat Logs for the coordinated attacks on PSN’s servers that eventually led to the massive security leak regarding user information.

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LiquidSnack2522d ago

So these are the bastards who caused all this, huh?

Boy! Get Daddy's pokin' knife!

alien6262522d ago

really interesting but i hope they get caught

Tyler Durden2522d ago

Why dosent anon go after these guys?

FACTUAL evidence2522d ago

well these hacker's better have a 15 years worth supply of lube.....cuz they're going to need it when they go to prison.

alien6262521d ago

whats with the disagrees?

sikbeta2521d ago

Funny thing is how they were laughing as they'd never get caught and the way they addressed all the issues to fix, we have their chat logs already and they point out the weakness of the service for Sony to improve XD

zag2521d ago

If you read the page you'll find it is on the anon irc server.

in the chat they wonder if sony are watching this chat right now.

so it's been an open chat.

JackBNimble2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

really... an open chat for a bunch of smart hacker/cracker/pirate internet fellows eh?

I do hope they are American ... I'm sure these few geeks wouldn't last long in a federal prison in the States.... Then again they are Bitches anyway... so they might get a pass on DEATH!

haha you fuckers are screwed!

so when anon said it was Sony and an internal problem they where flat out lying. And to say they are out for the consumer and on the gamers side that was all a lie aswell. It seems anon is out for self glory and for what? .... you fuckers will regret this when you're getting old in prison over a god dam ps3 hack.

Lawliet2521d ago

Oh wow... Is this a free debugging service for Sony? You people just saved their time figuring what is wrong with their servers. Sony must have replied them with this long maintenance.

Istanbull2521d ago

Those hackers need to land in prison for a couple of years and drop lots of soaps!

Tr10wn2521d ago

LOL i feel hate in all of this comments LOVE IT.....

paintsville2521d ago

Well it's not unusual for companies to collect data about their users. But to send CC data, personl information data, etc in plain text???? I mean really??? A 4th grader would know better than that.
This will be devastating to Sony's PSN. Most subscribers don't pay anyway but what about the playstation store and movies and any other purchases that are made on psn. I think that people will be VERY reluctant to trust PSN again. I mean if you put your hand in the fire and got burned would you put it back in the second time thinking you wouldn't get burned again? I think not.

Dee_912521d ago

if u kept reading u would see that it was fake and probably just a "shadow"

although sony could have had better security really no matter how good the security is anything can get hacked

blackmagic2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

I can't believe that information like credit card numbers, names, addresses, usernames and passwords were not encrypted, just plain text and html...

Kleptic2521d ago

If you guys read further down, you would see that the 'plaintext' issue was simply that User 2 found the encryption, which hadn't been changed since the PSN went on...

that is what translated it to plain text, but he used a fake example and said he would be surprised if it was the same for the current version...

~6 users replied to him saying its just plain text, but later realized it wasn't...but could be translated from their end...though they obviously went quiet about it after that...

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Redgehammer2521d ago

Umm Logs can be faked if one is clever enough, I would more inclined to believe what I just read if they were screen caqptures to go along with the displayed text.

And if that is legit, LMAO at their stupidity. IRC is where all kinds of law enforcement hang out, thats why I stopped using it in 1990

Redrum0592522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

hmmmm, why do i have the feeling that the illuminati might be behind this.


RBdrift2521d ago

LMAO!!! Thanks for the laugh,that made my day.

kyl2772521d ago

More like Majestic 12

lcrkz00232521d ago

Friggin hilarious!!


LOLOL!!! when i first heard about it i wondered the same thing.

Redgehammer2521d ago

Dang, and I just knew it was the Templars.

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Kushan2521d ago

THis is not the people that did the hack. This is also OLD OLD OLD!

Look at that, dated February 16.

DufferO82521d ago

maybe they were just planning it for a long time

likedamaster2521d ago

Sony is being exposed on their pathetic security, and their laughable psn network. Not to mention, their illegal logs of customer info on their servers for the world to see. Thank God I never punched in my credit card info on psn.

Seriously, freak off Sony!

Majors2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Dont like sony I take it ??
Well go and play on your xbox then...PSN will be a better place without trolls like you.

Anarki2521d ago

<user2> they wont update their whole psn lol


YoungKiller252521d ago

hahah mee too! as i was reading i was like uhh yeah they would, then he says accessing the psn through older versions will be the first thing to go and it has

Scary692521d ago

Could not agree more, these douche bags should be given prison time. Because all this is getting ridiculous then these hackers claim it was not them (heh).

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Dart892522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

First of all how did you obtain this??

And second these morons better lube up quick cuz they're coming for them.

Edit:I found this very interesting but it cuts out.

i know a few guys who worked @ sony's psn backend. just when the ps3 was.

kaveti66162522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

they're behind several proxies.

no one can catch them.

just like geohot won't be getting raped in a prison shower any time soon.

don't get your hopes up.

Edit: "so if they ever sue someone for psn stuff, they will be sued
themselves as most of the data they collect is just not legal"

are any of you guys reading this?

according to these guys, Sony's collecting a bunch of data illegitimately.

sycnation2521d ago

thats not the scary part. the scary part is how much info they are collecting...

zag2521d ago

Proxies only slow down certain branches, doesn't stop them.

So if it's the FBI or CIA they do have the ability to go and arrest people in countries outside the USA, if you didn't know.

"Sony's collecting a bunch of data illegitimately."

I guess you missed that bit in the PSN legal agreement where you allow Sony to collect any data from the PS3 or other Sony products.

Tut Tut don't say you didn't read it because you agreed that you had read it and agreed to the terms.

Soldierone2521d ago

You sign an agreement to release this information to Sony. They breached into Sonys servers and broke law.

Legal or not, stealing information from a company is illegal and just because Sony broke the law doesn't mean they can get away with stupidity.

Anyone that thinks hiding behind a proxy will protect them is stupid. There is a reason why REAL hackers do their hacks in their own network not connected to the internet. Go to any IT school that hosts servers teaching "hacking" related skills....not a single computer will be connected to the internet. Each one will have a key and each one will have specific parts in it to cover up any trails they create. opening an IRC channel ruins EVERYTHING these computers do to prevent being tracked....

Inside_out2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

It sounds to me like Sony has attracted the wrong kind of attention. They seem to have it all worked out and honestly, I think Sony is in big trouble.

The whole debate about Sony collecting data shouldn't surprise anyone. Goggle, Apple, Microsoft and any other Internet using/providing device collects ALL data from it's user.

Google your N4g handle or your name and see what happens. Go to Google earth and type in your address. Big brother is everywhere. Russia invested millions and million into PRIVATELY held Facebook...want to guess why. Why is google having so many problems in China??? Chinese KNOW what is going on. Google is driving around the world capturing Internet information and taking pictures of EVERYTHING. They were just fined in Europe. It's still happening every day, everywhere.

C_Menz2521d ago

If you read what data they are collecting it really isn't anything illegal.. They collect info from your ps3(like serial numbers, what games you played and for how long), what tv you are using, and if you are using anything in your usb(to check for the usb sticks that jailbreak your ps3 and have hundreds of pirated ps3 games on them).

The only horrible thing I see from these chat logs is the CC info data. If it is sent in plaintext that is bad, and the way the user posted it, it shows a lot more info then Sony said(since the security code is in there).

frostypants2521d ago

"they're behind several proxies. "

There are ways to trace addresses behind proxies, ya know. They're a precautionary step, but they don't make one bulletproof.

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xstation792521d ago

I love how everyone is making sony out to be this big tough company.

7SBuzzLightyear7S2522d ago

Legitimate or not, this is quite interesting.

Nice post.

NinjaCameraman2522d ago

To anyone commenting about it, the source is being edited into the article at this very moment.

ThatCanadianGuy2522d ago

Only one word comes to mind after reading that.


In the most purest form of the word.

undercovrr2522d ago

I wouldn't say hacking into a multibillion dollar corporation would classify them as 'losers'. If you mean that they are probably living pathetic lives, then maybe, but its a hell of an achievement what they did, unethical or not. Its hard to argue with that

wlchrbandit2521d ago

Crushing a kitten with your big toe is an achievement, but that doesn't make you any less of a 'loser'.

Equinoxe_72521d ago

I dont think anything is unhackable yet, if you try hard enough you will get in, its seems many of the hacker community dont like Sony.