New Sony PlayStation 3 CECH-3001A hits the FCC

Today, a mysterious FCC filing by Sony revealed a new version of the Sony PlayStation 3 with the model numbers CECH-3001A/B. This appears to be a new generation of the PlayStation 3, given that the original PS3 and PS3 Slim were part of the CECH 2xxx series.

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MehmetAlperTR2581d ago

Hope it has got a new protection for Hack and never HACKABLE..

Zeevious2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

It surprises me they embedded the FULL debug mode in each machines firmware anyway. Practically speaking, why did't they simply have an embedded hardware locked executable on the USB with per-unit unique key's - or the key itself was enabled directly by a dedicated debug station, and loaded per machine? Those 15 extra lines of code would have made this entire adventure in custom firmware, hacking, and piracy -- nonexistent.

One unlocking/enabling USB key for 50 million machines and activates/disables protection on every single one of them? Someones fired, and it's not me!

Using some USB key glitch was just SLOPPY on Sony's part. While it maintained protecton for 4 years, the implementation still reads as sloppy to me.

I'm hoping the new PS3 is cheaper and hack proof, and the new hypervisor has extensible robotic arms to reach out and throttle any hacker as they sheepishly swear they are just installing homebrew.

KillZone_3-Hacked_Stolen_Pira ted.ISO is homebrew...right?

rockleex2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Cheaper, slimmer, more hack-proof version? >:D

Hopefully this one doesn't allow full debug mode.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

''However, Sony has not provide any information about the new device, or how it will differ from older PS3 models.''

Should be interesting to know what will have.

ForROME2581d ago

Im hoping they change it to wireless N

iamnsuperman2581d ago

That is my main problem with the PS3.

DarkBlood2581d ago

as to not be a noob next time, im going to ask you what is wrong with what the ps3 have now?

OpenGL2581d ago

He wishes it had 802.11n apparently.

Tru_Blu2581d ago

I'd buy one and replace my 80gb in a heartbeat if it does have N.

RememberThe3572581d ago

I was just thinking that.

Are we getting a slimmer slim?

Rynx2581d ago

The PS2 I believe went through 2 slimmer models. The second one not differentiating much from the first slim.

I would get this new model if it brings back BC.

DOMination2581d ago

The current ps3 was never marketed as a slimline model. I believe this one will. Like the psone and pstwo this one will take the power supply out of the console and move it to a brick style lead much like the 360.

madjedi2581d ago

Hell no i don't a frankenstein power brick on the outside, like the 360 does that's one feature you 360 guys can keep exclusive.

DeadlyFire2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

A = Slimer PS3 320 GB Hard drive
B = Slimer PS3 500 GB Hard drive


Stop whining about PSN all. You don't want hackers to have your information visit retail store and never buy DLC from PSN/XBL. Retail is vastly more safe than digital networks. This is only one lesson. I blame Anonymous for this attack on Sony. Why? well without his public threats on Sony other hacker or hackers wouldn't have felt comfortable attacking a company like Sony. So that blame would fall instantly on first subject.

Spawn-KING2581d ago

SONY Fix the PSN before they do anything else GODDAMIT!!!!!

xTruthx2581d ago

Can you stop trolling each sony article ?

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The story is too old to be commented.