Wii's a worry but DS's an ongoing success, reckons Japanese analyst

The rumblings about the market longevity of Wii continue to grow, with the president of the publisher of Japanese magazine Famitsu being reported by IGN as casting some doubt on how many one-time Wii Sports enthusiasts are still playing their consoles.

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Shadow Flare4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I've recently discovered that Nintendo is becoming a favourite amongst mum's. DS and Wii are great for their kids. If look at what makes the the DS and Wii successful you get:


-Brain-training : Mum's would buy this for their kids cos 'it's an educational game, you stupid kid!' And they feel it's a win-win situation. Kid gets a games console and also gets smarter. Allegedly

-It's cheaper than psp

-Touch-screen is novel

-Backwards compatible with older gameboy titles

-And like all nintendo games, mum's would love their kids to have it cos all the games include fairies, happy dogs and cheese horses riding into a sunset filled with rainbow, pies



-Mum's love the fact that their fat kids get exercise


-...that's about it. And it too has an innovative controller and games filled with trees that pat your head, birds that sing your name and squirrels that press your pants

While i'm pretty sure the DS while be a storming success for a long time (Not entirely deservedly so. I think the psp is way, way better), i'm not so sure about the wii. I think everyone buys it, cos they see how much fun it is when they play it round someones house, but little do they gets really boring. If you're a proper gamer, just stick with the real consoles, not the happy meals