U.S. Senator demanding answers from Sony on PSN breach

XMNR: With the PSN users and credit information compromised, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal (D) is demanding answers from Sony's CEO over the company's "failure to notify millions of customers of a data breach in the PlayStation Network on April 20, 2011."

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a_bro2584d ago

wow, so this even made it to the top as well.

Dart892584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

He's probably a ps3 gamer that's why it made it to the top.
@griever and himdeel you both get a bubble that is the funniest thing i have heard all day.

GrieverSoul2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

I bet he used the government credit card on the PSN and is now really, and I mean, REALLY worried!!

BenCrazy4242584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Doubt it on the stereotypical quote "many of them children."

Either way, this is credible and sony could of handled this better.

Rage_S902584d ago

damn straight they should have told us this Day f*cking 1 why the f*ck would you wait a week?

the sheer stupidity there is baffling

Fred-G-Sanford2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Shit just got real. lol

gamingisnotacrime2584d ago

Damn griever that was awesome


Dsnyder2584d ago

Congress can just print more money when they spend it for stupid reasons.

Shane Kim2584d ago

Hhahaha funny sh!t GrieverSoul. Thanks for the laugh.

paintsville2584d ago Show
thats_just_prime2584d ago

$ony managed to piss off hackers, fans and the government all at the same time. Take takes skill and all cause $ony wanted to show that they could bully some kid

DragonKnight2584d ago

Again, they can only give information that they have. They only recently discovered about the possibility of the CC information theft. They did, afterall, hire an outside security firm to analyze the situation. They did have to wait for a report from that firm before they knew anything. So seriously, even this senator needs to use basic sense and look at all the facts before drinking the Haterade.

Sheddi2584d ago

I always delete my CC information after I've bought something. Didn't feel secure enough to just leave it there...and i guess I was right.

Hope they (Sony or police) get their hands on those thief's and gives them the punishment they deserve. Stealing money from hard working people is just wrong.

Sono4212584d ago

LOL I laugh at the stupid people who get mad at Sony, get real little kids, oh yeah its Sony's fault that some no life hacked the system trying to steal people's credit card numbers? And obviously they didn't publicize it because they didn't want the hacker to know they were onto them. These hackers are nothing but trouble. First they got the Other OS taken away from us, then hacked and said they were just hacking to have it back (yeah right stfu) then they made it so any dumb ass little kid with a usb can host hacked lobbies online, now they have PSN itself down, ohhh but yeah lets be mad at sony! /s
Because that makes so much sense, the most logical people to be mad at would be the hackers but instead you defend them? People today are completely retarded. then they will say "ooooh but teh hackerz let me get teh free gamezzz and lets me host teh hacked lobbiez online!"
Just stop.

GodsHand2584d ago

He wants to put his big boy pants on, with a belt.

Dee_912584d ago

1st off they didnt know that this happened the day it happened
The minute they found out they informed us
Who in their right minds would hold off telling people their personal info might unsecure for a whole week on purpose ?
cmon thats common sense folks

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himdeel2584d ago

LOL this is so funny! I bet the real reason hes demanding answers is because he cannot play Mortal Kombat online. He looks like he's be a Sub Zero fan.

Jamegohanssj52584d ago

rofl. He looks like a sub zero fan lol


thats_just_prime2584d ago

The guys a senator he's not stupid. He got MK on the xbox for its exclusive online play

hiredhelp2584d ago

way i see it its took them years to get this far with the console to get hack this wide.
ok maybe it should have been more secure but if this wasnt for geohotz this would never of happened sony never ask to get hacked.same with all company's but yes theyve learnt a lesson but lets hope the FBI will teach thoes hackers caught a tuffer lesson.

zeeshan8102584d ago

It's not Sony's fault! -___-

news4geeks2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

lulz poor sony is getting a good kick up the backside here. They've got to take they brunt of the blame because they're supposed to be secure enough to avoid situations like this. They've been kicked left right and centre this gen.

Rage_S902584d ago

you can't be serious it's as much sony's fault as it is the hackers both are to blame

gamingdroid2584d ago

It's called negligence on Sony's part!

That said, doesn't the senator have much more important things to do like revive the economy! Save the poor children in the orphanage or other abused children....

Tr10wn2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

of course is sony's fault i haven't yet found an email from sony about this, n4g is keeping me up to date and my bank is already warned if there is a sudden change in my account i will know it from my bank and not from sony.

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JsonHenry2584d ago

I'm sure there are other things this guy should be concerned about..

Trizard2584d ago

So looking after 77 million people which would be around 1/4 of the US population if PSN was solely US, is not in his job description? Do you realize how many people 77 million is? Thats more than the population of the UK (61 million). This needs some government intervention or lawsuit.

Ju2584d ago

Yeah, I call war on terrorists! Cyber Terrorists, that is. Maybe we should focus on the guy who caused that instead. How about that?

RememberThe3572584d ago

You doe realize that that 77 million number isn't all in the US, right?

rabidpancakeburglar2584d ago

How can this guy possibly demand answers? Last I checked Sony did notify their customers that there had been a breach, just because they haven't gone into massive detail doesn't mean that some random guy can think he has a right to answers

TKCMuzzer2584d ago

I don't think people realise that Sony can't just issue statements until they have all the facts. It's governments that create red tape and now their moaning because Sony has to go though it all.

joydestroy2584d ago

yeah they notified us alright... 6 days AFTER our information was stolen!

he's right to be upset. and i think it's ridiculous that there's even ONE PSN user on here that isn't outraged by this!

c'mon guys, expect more from a multi-billion dollar company

rabidpancakeburglar2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )


Oh really? We were notified today? They told us that there had been a breach days ago

lee_ten2584d ago

god man...the media is blowing this WAY OUT OF PROPORTION.

sony had to conduct an investigation. that takes times. they couldn't come out and say anything until they were certain it was a security breach.

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TKCMuzzer2584d ago

Maybe Sony will now ask that governments take the gaming industry seriously and point out this is a universal problem and not just PSN related.

OMGitzThatGuy2584d ago

Last time I checked, this is only PSN related

LunaticBrandon2584d ago

Literally millions of accounts' personal information could have been taken. Its a big deal. I'm so glad I changed my password to something other than my email password that isn't used for nothing else before the breach and haven't used my debit card on there.

joydestroy2584d ago

apparently Sony has made gamers so blind that they don't even seem to give a crap.

everyone should be upset at the fact that it took them 6 days to tell us that our personal/financial information had been compromised. everyone!

on top of that, their security is obv a joke.
Anonymous hacks the network, it goes offline.
they stop, it goes back online.
Sony acts as if it was no big deal.
now this and NOW they're beefing up security???

if Anonymous hacking PSN wasn't a red flag, then wtf were they waiting for? this?

i've always been a Sony backer, but it's pretty hard to back them now. bad business on their part.

etowntwo2584d ago

Well said ...

At least there are still a few Sony fans on this site with the sense.

joeorc2584d ago

is going to stop them..9000+ member's they did a loic did the only theing they could do that was taking the service off line. they had to check for if anything was, an they told people when they found out..but it should not have taken that long to tell us.

the data thieves had your data anyway if they Do. it would not have mattered at this point. Sony's fault as EPIC fail against 9000+ Hackers that took down CC companies an Govt. computer's an some how some way people think that Sony would have some how stood a better chance?

It's [email protected] Moot at this point.

the people with CFW was using Server Mapper's anyway...yea through ol wait a min Linux exploit. Its been hacker's vs Sony this whole time it would not matter what Sony did.

Homebrew my do not see Ben Heck being taken to court..

Sony was targeted for "Toading"

I would wager this was just the first wave of attacks.

They want Sony OUT of this market, an may even continue to attack even more. this is not fear FUD or any thing \like that I do not love Sony Im just warning people.

you can take my warning or not..but remember Graf is still being sued in court..what did that group claim if Sony does not stop?

you have been warned expect us.

9000+ Hacker's with LOIC attacks

the more they do this though the No Such Agency from the HQ puzzle Box will be taking a keen interest in data. someone hackers will be caught that you can bank on.

SoSLy2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Shouldnt a US Senator focus on the fucked up economy of his country rather than a PSN outage?

Threesix2584d ago

This involves the potential theft of millions of people's debit/credit information so unlike what you think, it's a big deal, and a good thing that a government employee of higher influence is letting Sony know that it's unacceptable for this to happen.

You'd think more gamers would support this move as it makes the news mainstream and forces Sony to improve their system to prevent this from happening again instead of taking the stance that Sony should never be the subject of criticism, even when they screw up royally like they have here.

Anon19742584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Typical government. Sony shut down the PSN as soon as they found out what was going on. They didn't know until yesterday the extent of the breach when they had a security firm research what happened. It took them a day to send out millions of emails notifying customers what happened.

And here's the government. "Why didn't you inform millions of customers across the entire world before you knew what happened! We demand answers!" Because if this was a government breach they would have had answers and notified the public the day they found out, right?

Hell, why not go a step further? Why didn't Sony notify people about what was going on BEFORE it happened? We demand to know!


Edit Above: Anon didn't "hack" the PSN. They slowed it down by trying to overload it with traffic, which is the default "hacker" trick that's easily stopped once you figure out it's going on.

likedamaster2584d ago

The fanboys on here is highly disturbing.

It's real folks, this is no laughing matter. These are people's lively hoods in jeopardy.

xAlmostPro2584d ago

Lol wtf.. then can we have answer as to how government networks were taken down by hackers..

P.S they didn't give answers on the 20th because they didn't know at that point.. infact sony even made an update stating that they didn't know the extent until they got the experts in.. dumbass

Perkel2584d ago


PSN hackers started WWIII :)

showtimefolks2584d ago

stop worrying about:

barry bonds steroids
nfl lockout
ncaa playoffs for football
whatever happend to psn

and actually do you damn job:

i live in nola and we still have a lot of people sleeping under the bridges while we give billions to foreign countries while our very own suffer why?

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Scyrus2584d ago

oh boy. today is a pretty funny day. i guess anonymous did its job, those freakin dusche bags

hoops2584d ago

"Compounding this concern is the troubling lack of notification from Sony about the nature of the data breach. Although the breach occurred nearly a week ago, Sony has not notified customers of the intrusion, or provided information that is vital to allowing individuals to protect themselves from identity theft, such as informing users whether their personal or financial information may have been compromised."

This is the biggest issue of all. The lack of information provided by Sony during this issue. Being quiet for this long is not a good policy to adopt...especially now that a US Senator has jumped on this ship about it.
This was not handled well by Sony

vegnadragon2584d ago

Ah the US politicians, they love the point blame but they never do anything about it.

NothingToGainButLove2584d ago

Welcome to US politics...
Dont see that trend ending anytime soon

labaronx2584d ago

yeah we see how stern they were with BP

younglj012584d ago

ikr and when some1 try to do something about it they still complain

BlackTar1872584d ago

lol you think he wants to do anything about it lol.

Ju2584d ago

I think he sure does. Getting some more votes out of it, me thinks.