The Eye of Judgment Review: 8.3/10 for a breakthrough PS3 title

The Eye of Judgment is conceptually a breakthrough title that seamlessly melds the trading card game and turn-based strategic video games

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wasted4049d ago

but it sure looks clever.

Bebedora4049d ago

A person liking game genre he is reviewing! As of late that seems to be a rarity.

MK_Red4049d ago

Pretty good point. I hadn't noticed. Hope other sites do the same with Eye of Judgement and other games so we don't have a site like GameDaily giving 4/10 to a game like Folklore simply becaue the reviewer doesn't like or understand the game/genre.

Bebedora4049d ago

That is what I am talking about. Less of those please. Now I don't know if I will buy a strategy game, since I suck at it, but it's so....beautiful and fantasy style always lure me in. :P

AllroundGamer4049d ago

i already preordered it, now i just have to wait for some good quality Yu-gi-oh game :)

Tryst4049d ago

am really interested in this game. Not sure if I will buy it when I pick up my PS3 though.

TheHater4048d ago

From what I play at Digital Life. This game is a must buy for all Card game players. I personally don't like card games, but his got me into it. It fun. NOTHING beat interaction with you creature, it make the game feel more alive than just another game.

Ace_Shooter4048d ago

theres nothing out there that is quite like this. i guess Sony was not lying when they talked about 4D gaming, this is 4D gaming in my eyes. Being able to interact with the character is amazing. Good job Sony.

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