PSN update: no compensation for PS Plus subscribers, SCEE source reports

SCEE source reports that there will definitely be no compensation for PS Plus users following the recent downtime of the PlayStation Network.

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movements2585d ago

Not cool. We need at least something....

news4geeks2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

you don't deserve anything.

@logicwins - good points. Sony covers this when we agree to the terms and conditions, but they need to be aware of their public relations. They might give PSN+ owners some crap beta or something.

LOGICWINS2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Maybe your right. PSN members probably don't deserve to get shit..however, thats not the point. How would it look from a public perspective if Sony cut off PSN from 50 million users(for a WEEK) across the globe and not compensate them somehow?

Sony should have had their network beefed up from the get go so SEVEN DAY delays don't happen.

Do I personally want compensation? No, because I am an informed gamer and I UNDERSTAND why this needed to be done.

HOWEVER, we all know how mainstream gamers are. If they have a PS3 and can no longer play COD online with it, they'll start the premature hate parade AND might even spread the word that the PS3 sucks...and others will be dumb enough to believe it.

Sad news for Sony, but giving gamers SOMETHING would be the smart move right now.

Killjoy30002585d ago

Logic, I absolutely agree with everything you said. Smart man right here.

mugoldeneagle032585d ago

I get why people are asking for compensation, including PS Plus members (like myself), but I can also see why Sony isn't planning on offering anything.

The PSN shutdown happened after last weeks store update, and by the looks of it this weeks will be the only one we'll miss (for a few short days hopefully). On top of that Plus only really updates twice a month right? So as long as it's back up before May users will be able to get any Plus products they might have missed out on.

On top of that, Sony is probably losing tons of money not having the PStore up at all. They'd only lose more money if they gave away something for free.

It sucks, I agree, but it's also a free service so I can't really complain even as a Plus member. If I were paying Monthly/Yearly for PSN, I'd for sure want something else.

Codeman4202585d ago

not sure why, your not paying for the online multiplayer you paying for extra goodies ontop of your free service. the down time isnt effecting what bonuses you get since they were already released earlier this month and next months isnt out yet.

metsgaming2585d ago

they still may keep the last update up for a little longer if you didn't download the stuff yet.

taylork372585d ago

You are still paying for a full month of access...on top of the discounted games and "goodies".

wiggles2585d ago

agree, I have PS+ I don't understand why others think they deserve compensation, I already got all of the free minis up until this point.

Joni-Ice2585d ago

If this is true, someone will start a class action lawsuit. I know it.

Cyorg2585d ago

You're probably right. People will sue for anything.

SixZeroFour2585d ago

and all just for the money and not for the cause...shame ppl are so greedy, isnt it?

showtimefolks2585d ago

as long as my personal and credit card info is safe and will be more safe from now on and psn is back up and running i am willing to let sony go on this one

thing is they are in a no win position if someone hacked and got the info than we would all be saying oh why didn't they just shut it down

so just chill let's hope for best psn up and running soon with more security i am happy

psn is a free service so they owe us nothing at all to ps+ members well you all paid 60 and got your money's worth within the first 2 months so this is just extra goodies

Scyrus2585d ago

well considering u guys dont pay for online service and just for free games and discounts i dont see how u would need something to compensate you

sikbeta2585d ago

YAY! inb4 the whining.... oh, too late

PS+ members Pay for The CONTENT in the PlayStation Store that will be available when PSN goes up again, they don't Pay for the ACCESS to the FREE online service.

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LOGICWINS2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

LOL..why would they even go out of their way to say that? Did someone ask them directly or something?

EDIT: I knew it. FALSE ALARM guys. An "anonymous" source said this. Nothing is official yet.

taylork372585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

99% percent of the PSN news in the last week has been anonymous sources...what makes this so unbelievable compared to any other?

strend2585d ago

agreed until you hear it from Sony directly DONT believe any of this garbage on any of these sites trying to stir the pot so they can get hits

Prcko2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

you can choose if you want ps + or not,this isn't neccesary,so compensation is not needed!
anyway you get sooooo much for low price,what the hell you want more,ps + is excellent service

taylork372585d ago


So any time someone chooses to buy a service and are unable to use that service for a certain period they have no right to ask for compensation?

That is exactly what you are saying.

neoandrew2585d ago

You get only some unneeded crap that you would never buy if it would not be in ps+

CranberryPub2585d ago

Thought as much, they should give us some extra goodies though!

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