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PSN update: no compensation for PS Plus subscribers, SCEE source reports

SCEE source reports that there will definitely be no compensation for PS Plus users following the recent downtime of the PlayStation Network. (Industry, PS3, Tag Invalid)

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movements  +   1560d ago
Not cool. We need at least something....
news4geeks  +   1560d ago
you don't deserve anything.

@logicwins - good points. Sony covers this when we agree to the terms and conditions, but they need to be aware of their public relations. They might give PSN+ owners some crap beta or something.
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LOGICWINS  +   1560d ago
Maybe your right. PSN members probably don't deserve to get shit..however, thats not the point. How would it look from a public perspective if Sony cut off PSN from 50 million users(for a WEEK) across the globe and not compensate them somehow?

Sony should have had their network beefed up from the get go so SEVEN DAY delays don't happen.

Do I personally want compensation? No, because I am an informed gamer and I UNDERSTAND why this needed to be done.

HOWEVER, we all know how mainstream gamers are. If they have a PS3 and can no longer play COD online with it, they'll start the premature hate parade AND might even spread the word that the PS3 sucks...and others will be dumb enough to believe it.

Sad news for Sony, but giving gamers SOMETHING would be the smart move right now.
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Killjoy3000  +   1560d ago
Logic, I absolutely agree with everything you said. Smart man right here.
mugoldeneagle03  +   1560d ago
Doubt it
I get why people are asking for compensation, including PS Plus members (like myself), but I can also see why Sony isn't planning on offering anything.

The PSN shutdown happened after last weeks store update, and by the looks of it this weeks will be the only one we'll miss (for a few short days hopefully). On top of that Plus only really updates twice a month right? So as long as it's back up before May users will be able to get any Plus products they might have missed out on.

On top of that, Sony is probably losing tons of money not having the PStore up at all. They'd only lose more money if they gave away something for free.

It sucks, I agree, but it's also a free service so I can't really complain even as a Plus member. If I were paying Monthly/Yearly for PSN, I'd for sure want something else.
Codeman420  +   1560d ago
not sure why, your not paying for the online multiplayer you paying for extra goodies ontop of your free service. the down time isnt effecting what bonuses you get since they were already released earlier this month and next months isnt out yet.
metsgaming  +   1560d ago
they still may keep the last update up for a little longer if you didn't download the stuff yet.
taylork37  +   1560d ago
You are still paying for a full month of access...on top of the discounted games and "goodies".
wiggles  +   1560d ago
agree, I have PS+ I don't understand why others think they deserve compensation, I already got all of the free minis up until this point.
Joni-Ice  +   1560d ago
If this is true, someone will start a class action lawsuit. I know it.
Cyorg  +   1560d ago
You're probably right. People will sue for anything.
SixZeroFour  +   1560d ago
and all just for the money and not for the cause...shame ppl are so greedy, isnt it?
showtimefolks  +   1560d ago
no we don't
as long as my personal and credit card info is safe and will be more safe from now on and psn is back up and running i am willing to let sony go on this one

thing is they are in a no win position if someone hacked and got the info than we would all be saying oh why didn't they just shut it down

so just chill let's hope for best psn up and running soon with more security i am happy

psn is a free service so they owe us nothing at all to ps+ members well you all paid 60 and got your money's worth within the first 2 months so this is just extra goodies
Scyrus  +   1560d ago
well considering u guys dont pay for online service and just for free games and discounts i dont see how u would need something to compensate you
sikbeta  +   1560d ago
YAY! inb4 the whining.... oh, too late

PS+ members Pay for The CONTENT in the PlayStation Store that will be available when PSN goes up again, they don't Pay for the ACCESS to the FREE online service.
LOGICWINS  +   1560d ago
LOL..why would they even go out of their way to say that? Did someone ask them directly or something?

EDIT: I knew it. FALSE ALARM guys. An "anonymous" source said this. Nothing is official yet.
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taylork37  +   1560d ago
99% percent of the PSN news in the last week has been anonymous sources...what makes this so unbelievable compared to any other?
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strend  +   1560d ago
agreed until you hear it from Sony directly DONT believe any of this garbage on any of these sites trying to stir the pot so they can get hits
Prcko  +   1560d ago
you can choose if you want ps + or not,this isn't neccesary,so compensation is not needed!
anyway you get sooooo much for low price,what the hell you want more,ps + is excellent service
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taylork37  +   1560d ago

So any time someone chooses to buy a service and are unable to use that service for a certain period they have no right to ask for compensation?

That is exactly what you are saying.
neoandrew  +   1560d ago
You get only some unneeded crap that you would never buy if it would not be in ps+
Eric2929  +   1560d ago
That's a shame...
CranberryPub  +   1560d ago
Thought as much, they should give us some extra goodies though!
hasj1990  +   1560d ago
Just get it up and running, I don't care about compensation.

look how sad this is, 1 of the largest gaming stores in the UK has a poster on their shop window...

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leogets  +   1560d ago
lol rediculous mate.im sure head strong people wont abandon ship and dive head 1st into a band saw lol..
taylork37  +   1560d ago
If it had Wii instead of 360 on that sign you wouldn't have a problem with it.


Believe it or not, not everything is fanboy motivated.
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RyuCloudStrife  +   1560d ago
thats an awesome deal
porgep  +   1560d ago
I tend to believe this source. Personally, if they make the service safer, I'll feel compensated.
Der_Kommandant  +   1560d ago
We need Anonymous Teeth in a bag
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xjumpman23  +   1560d ago
subscribers to DCUO need compensation since they pay-to-play
AssassinHD  +   1560d ago
You would have to take that up with SOE. SOE and SCEI may share the same umbrella, but they are basically two completely separate entities.
Spawn-KING  +   1560d ago
Hell yeah they better,I might have to pick up the PC version and buy the lifetime subscription for DCUO .
blackburn5  +   1560d ago
Not expecting anything but if they offer it I will take it. All I really want is PSN back . Oh PSN, oh PSN. Where for art thou?! Mine heart aches with out thee!!!!!!!!
jay2  +   1560d ago
TheUnspokenDream  +   1560d ago
All they will do is, give you whatever days of plus you missed
RyuCloudStrife  +   1560d ago
They better gimmie
6 extra days (and counting) as a PS+ member if not Sony will not look very good in my eyes

EDIT: Why are people disagreeing? Why don't you pay me for babysitting your kids for 6 days and then I don't babysit them but keep the money

Gimmie a reason why I'm wrong. I payed 50 dollars to be PS+ for a year it represents 365 days not 357 days!!
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Spawn-KING  +   1560d ago
I agree, we are paying $50 a year and Sony not gonna give us these days/almost a week we lost,WTH .
Infernostew  +   1560d ago
What are you losing out on for these 6 days that you can't get back? There have been no discounts in PS store updates. Are there any PS+ betas going on that you're missing days on? I'm a PS+ subscriber too and I'm not making a stink about these 6 days that i'm missing. Maybe they can refund you a $1 bill that you can use to wipe the tears off your cheek.
MysticStrummer  +   1560d ago
I'll give you a reason but you won't accept it, most likely. You aren't paying to play online. You are paying for extra content that will still be there when you log back on. You haven't lost a thing, so you don't deserve a thing. If you are paying for DC Universe or Free Realms, then you deserve something back.
dragonyght  +   1560d ago
@The_Science_Guy im pretty sure we paid for content not days lol

Sony provide every months to PS+ members a set number of contents early demos/betas discounts, free minis and psn titles.

as long as they release the number of content they promise to + members in the remaining 4 days we have left its all good
Spawn-KING  +   1560d ago
Im starting to hate Sony now,im a PS Plus member and im not renewing my PS Plus subscription . It seems been dropping the ball big time . My next paycheck may make me pick up a xbox 360 and Live .
interrergator  +   1560d ago
you need to stop crying its only been a week man jesus
Ace_1975  +   1560d ago
Lol Sony just screwed PS Plus users straight in the ass. LOLZ
hoops  +   1560d ago
"If Sony was just to tell the PlayStation community what has happened, that would surely put minds at rest."

I think this is the major issue here. Sony has been so quiet on this issue when it first transpired. Sony should have come out and gave ANY statement to what was happening or not happening. Instead they have been quiet for quite some time during this ordeal and so many rumors are floating around now it's ridiculous. Sony being quiet on this is not helping them from a PR perspective standpoint.
Until Sony THEMSELVES confirms above statement about no compensation for PSN+ users, then all of this is just speculation.
Now if this is true, and Sony does not compensate PSN+ users for lost time, IMO that is one bad PR move on Sony's part. A miss step.
They are not obligated to offer anything, HOWEVER, doing so even if it's a small gesture would be a wise business decision and give the impression Sony does care for its subscription users and users in general. Looks good from a customer service standpoint...
Subscription users who are paying for DCUO should be compensated for example etc.
Lets all wait and see Sony's FULL statement...if they ever give us one...
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Mr402  +   1560d ago
DC universe subs should get there lost time added to there next subscription month. No more no less. PSN+ members deserve no compensation what so ever. PSN+ is simply a buyers club similer to Amazon prime. It does not effect the core experience of PSN nor is it needed to enjoy the core function that PSN delivers. Once again folks feel entightled to something for nothing.
dkgshiz  +   1560d ago
Hmm, Oh well. I never expected anything in the first place. 6 days with no PSN is very bearable if you have a life besides gaming...which most do.
Darkspade  +   1560d ago
Not sure Why People Think Sony was going to give you something. There Don't care about you or any of us.Once it's back on you'll be ride back to Playing like this never happen.. you need to get over it, Sony Did
thedarkvault  +   1560d ago
they should give out 7 day passes to xbox live gold...
thekiddfran  +   1560d ago
This is not official. Don't believe anything untill told by sony.
Baccra  +   1560d ago
Hilarious. This might be the year for Sony when it comes to games, but other than that this will just be a bad year for Sony in general.
ylwzx3  +   1560d ago
If my CC info and other stuff was stolen BS I deserve something
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BeaArthur  +   1560d ago
Well considering that the subscription doesn't really offer anything other than free stuff and discounts I don't really see where anyone really has a claim against them. If it was XBL the consumer might have a grievance.
Les-Grossman  +   1560d ago
How about for DC Universe Online Subscribers ?
LoneWanderer09  +   1560d ago
all i want is for PSN to be working again
slavish3  +   1560d ago
wow i can't believe fanboys will side with a corporation even if they are stiffing them. makes no sense. you paid for a service and it wasn't provide! If it was the other way around i wonder what sony would say? people talk about contracts and read the fine print. What about the obligation to give the consumer what they paid for? Sony wants to call hackers criminals for attacking them while ripping off the people that support them and expecting everything to be ok. B.S.
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Krimson-Rage  +   1560d ago
All I'd like is that the time the PSN is down to be 'credited' to my PS+ subscription. Doesn't seem fair to pay for a year yet only get fifty weeks (or whatever).

Apart from that, I don't expect or want anything.
BLow  +   1560d ago
If you are a plus member as I am, I don't think I deserve anything. Especially if you paid for the yearly sub in which you got 15 months for the price of 12. I can understand some people are angry but its only been a week not a month. If it was or becomes that long(which I highly doubt) then some compensation would be nice. Subscription base games are something different and should be handled as such. Its hard to be rational now days since everyone expects something for nothing. I rarely comment on this site because it seems pointless sometimes but i felt the need to vent a little on this subject.

It just kills me sometimes how the PS3 owners on this site are bipolar. Sony lets you play online for free yet you want something when the service goes down. Do you know how easy it would have been for Sony to charge for the service like Xbox Live. Do you think its is cheap to run its service? Did you know that Sony has been in the red with PSN all this time and are finally going into black this year. The article was on this site a while ago where Kaz stated this specifically. But I guess people have short memories. I enjoy my PS3 and all its features and I'll remain patient while Sony figures out this security breach on PSN. If you wanna be mad, be mad with whoever did this in the first place. If Sony didn't give a shit, they wouldn't be doing anything.

Oh and for those of you who says the security should have been better, well I hate to break it to you but this shit happens quite often EVERYWHERE!!! Hackers have cracked the Pentagon. If they wanted to crack your shit, they could in a heartbeat so get out of whatever dreamworld some of you are living in...MAAANN!!...I'm out
unknownhero1123  +   1560d ago
normally, I would agree and say that we don't deserve compensation for just a week without psn but that was before I heard that our personal info may have been stolen because of this "outage". I was really pissed when I heard that because I have my credit card linked to the psn store for convinence. True, I can fix it if someone does use my card but it's a hassle to do so regardless. I'm a fair person though so all I ask is for an extension of the PS+ subcription for about a week. I'm not asking for anything else, no free games, no free month ps+ subcription, just a week.
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