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Dart891984d ago

So does this mean Danny can use his machete??If soi mite give it a try when my friend buys it.

perdie1984d ago

The Zombie map reminds me a movie or something!!

I think this will be the best map pack for CoD in awhile.

Ascension really wasn't anything special good thing i didn't pay for it.

FamilyGuy1984d ago

Looks good, but it's just one map? an for how much?

Dart891984d ago

$15 like always but if i can't play it no biggie.

kingjoker341984d ago

$15 for 4 multiplayer maps and Call of the dead map.

CaLi_408_LiViN1984d ago

PSN should give PS3 users free map packs for keeping us waiting

elite-shot1984d ago

I think i speak for everyone when i say:


S_C1983d ago

Sony Should Give Out Free Maps. First of all sony doesnt have any say in the map packs price its down to the publishers, And 2ndly your talking about activision youll never get anything out off them for free

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S_C1984d ago

This map pack is looking much better than the First Strike Pack

Der_Kommandant1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

looks a lot more impressive than Black Ops itself

Rampaged Death1984d ago

Looks like the coolest thing that has happened to COD in a while. Shame I don't own Black Ops anymore.

RedDead1984d ago

FFS. I sold Blops recently. This happened to me with Undead nightmare for Red dead aswell

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The story is too old to be commented.