Ready Up: SOCOM: Special Forces review

"Also known as SOCOM 4 if you are from those States which we call America. In this numerically defunct version here in the United Kingdom you play as appallingly voice-acted Cullen Gray who is the leader of a squad of NATO Special Forces deployed in Malaysia to bring stability to the region with your bullets of peace. Eventually though, naturally, conflict must occur and Cullen and Co. are forced to battle for their lives and escape the country before being hung, drawn and quartered for their terrible British accents."

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afterMoth2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

What? People with terrible British accents are to be hung?

Personally I disagree with this article. I feel it is important to not only have horrible accents in movies but also in games, therefore I support this game.

omi25p2586d ago

im english and i found the accents extreamly anouying. I like english characters in games flynn from uncharted 2 is one of my favorite characters ever.

But socom specials forces voices were awful and stopped me from buying a game i was already unsure about buying.