Wii still tops; PS3 exclusives not moving hardware in September

Analyst Jesse Divnich believes that Nintendo's Wii will be the top-selling console, moving approximately 485,000 units despite the release of Halo 3. Microsoft's Xbox 360 sales will be close, however, at an estimated 423,000 units sold.

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xaphanze4052d ago

Ps3 just outsold xbox 360 in Europe 2:1.In japan 5:1.

I dont care about analysts they are never right.

predator4052d ago

europe for one week, but if u take in account american sales diff for the month the ps3 still isnt outselling it by worldwide numbers, japan sales for the ps3 are better but there only at 50,000 a month, europe is not much higher and america is around 120,000, so u include the 400,000 + for america for the 360, around 40-60,000 for europe and 4-7,000 for japan, the ps3 is not catching up its going further behind

jessupj4052d ago

why doesn't anyone mention us aussies? pity we're such a small market. prob less then 5% of our 22 mil population has a next gen console.

Marty83704052d ago

Price was the reason PS3 was slow selling, the new SKU or price drops hav'nt happened yet in US. Motorstorm which is a exclusive game proves otherwise, when it come too exclusives selling PS3 hardware.

WIIIS14052d ago

Makes perfect sense. PS3 exclusives just aren't near AAA yet.

CrazzyMan4052d ago

people just wait for 40GB SKU. =)

FirstknighT4052d ago

Just look at the numbers...Heavenly Sword, Lair, and Madden 08' completely bombed in worldwide sales. Now I understand why companies like Capcom are taking their franchises elsewhere.

MK_Red4052d ago

Lair didn't sell very well but I believe Heavenly Sword was a top seller in many European markets. As for Madden, all versions of Madden 08 bomb in the world because almost no one outside North America is much interested in them.

FirstknighT4052d ago

Yeah true about Madden but it easily hit a million sales on the 360 while the ps3 is struggling with app. 300k. Last I checked Heavenly Sword was around 200k. That is pretty pathetic for a "top-notch" title.

Zhuk4052d ago

Sony just isnt producing good games so nobody is going to buy them you cant expect people to buy garbage and enjoy them.

Flop after flop after flop we know why everyone is now developing on the 360 with hit after hit after hit and a huge attach rate

Tryst4052d ago

Lair hasn't even been released in Europe.

Havenly Sword has sold decently, and that will pick up over the next months with the advertising.

I aint a fanboy, but you XBots are running short of things to say.

CrazzyMan4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

DiRT - 55,715
Blue Dragon - 59,791
Eternal Sonata - 43,199
Project Gotham 4 - 90,113
i wouldn`t call that omg sales.
x360 users don`t care about good games.

only action games and FPS are selling good on x360.
Halo 3 - 2,634,108
Stranglehold - 164,119
MoH: Airborne - 141,457
Bioshock - 397,213
Two Worlds - 112,283
The Darkness - 118,818
only about fps and action games.

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AngryHippo4052d ago

.....these articles. Just taunting with fanboys emotions. Seriously people take all this stuff a little too seriously. Does it really matter whos console sells more, if you really enjoy the console you own then who really cares. I own a 360 and a PS3, i think both are great, if the PS3 starts outselling 360 does that mean suddenly everyone is going to stop buying them (360) no of course not, likewise with the PS3. The games are what matters, i really do think that this generation will be pretty even, all consoles are going to have their AAA titles and all consoles have multiplatform titles so its all just a matter of taste. The PS3, 360 and Wii will all be here for quite alot longer, which means more amazing games as time goes on, lets all just enjoy it. Way too much hate on this site.

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