Warhawk devs 'can't wait to talk about' new game, been silent for 'too long'

SystemLink: "Building something in secret must be a right pain. Chances are, if it's secret, it's awesome, and if it's awesome, you want nothing more than to parade it through the streets, shouting 'I did this! I made this!'. It seems like LightBox Interactive might be doing that soon."

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Prcko2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

day 1 buy,you can sell me empty cd,but if is only on ps3 i gonna buy it because only awesome games coming from all studios who working with sony!!!

Kingdom Come2557d ago

I'm sick of reading your, "OMG, SONY, DAY 1, Gief me!" comments. The Playstation has some fantastic Developers, but quit assuming the good developers end outside of the PS3...

Killzone3___2557d ago

so you saying warhawk is just good game not a great game , good games don't last a year , people still play warhwak and it's just multiplayer game so it proves it's one of the best games .... if i had the game i would play it but my brother sell it along time ago because he always sell the games to buy another game...

so i can't wait for the new game they will release , can't wait for 3e and that's the truth...

Ducky2557d ago

"you can sell me empty cd,but if is only on ps3 i gonna buy it"

Is that satire? O.o

afterMoth2557d ago

It is about time. Warhawk is fantastic!!!

DOMination2557d ago

You would prefer to buy a blank disc that was ps3 exclusive than buy a very good multiplat? I gotta say, even by my standards that's a dumb thing to say.

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theonlylolking2557d ago

I cannot wait to see what they are making.

Antholex2557d ago

Damn developers and their cryptic Tweets!

kidnplay2557d ago

I loved Warhawk, so so much. A sequel would be excellent, though Warhawk had such a distinctive style of gameplay - I hope a sequel doesn't depart from that too much.

Cenobia2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Personally I'd like to see the ground combat change a lot. Something similar to Uncharted's TPS cover would be great.

I always hated running on the ground because of the lock on system and the constant sidestepping to try and dodge bullets. A cover system could make hiding from vehicles a bit easier too.

I'd also like to see balanced weapon loadouts, as racing to pickups has always been something I've hated. It's fine in the air because you're so much faster, but it is painful to keep running for a decent weapon just to get squished right before you grab it.

The air combat was awesome and I'd like that to remain unchanged. If the game actually takes place in space they might have to change it a bit (mostly the casual control scheme since we'd be flying in 3 dimensions).

Kingdom Come2557d ago

It'll be good to see the back of the pointless constant teasing. If they weren't going to announce the game for months, focus on developing the game rather than hyping it up. Bethesda were correct with their approach to Elder Scrolls V, focus on the Development for a few years THEN announce the game. Don't pointlessly tease it.

Regardless, I'm very much looking forward to the announcement. Warhawk was a very good title and I'm sure the next title will be too...

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The story is too old to be commented.