Xbox LIVE members set new world record in Kinect Sports

El33tonline writes:

"It’s just been announced that a new Guinness World Record has been set following a Kinect Sports record attempt during Xbox Nations this past weekend!"

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StifflerK2370d ago

I did this , it was fun!

Does anyone know when the download codes for the t-shirts will be sent out?

Any mention of which country won the xbox nations?

OliverKO2370d ago

I also participated - it was pretty cool knowing that at least thousands of other people were also in there, all contributing to a world record. ;)

Sorry, I don't think they've announced when the shirts will be sent out, or which country has won just yet - we're waiting on press release so maybe they'll let us know then.

Kingdom Come2370d ago

Congratulations to those involved. I was busy on the Gears of War 3 Beta...

OliverKO2370d ago

Haha - that's what I played *after* the record attempt! ;)

mcstorm2370d ago

I missed this as I was out but I think it was a good thing to do and I know a few people said they enjoyed it. I think this is a good idea and I think MS should do more things like this for more games on the 360.

aviator1892370d ago

My younger sister said she had a great time doing it. Although, I was upstairs with my gears 3 beta :)

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