Playstation S2 tablet game controller revealed

Sony is set to release two new 'Playstation Tablets' this year, known as S1 and S2. The S2 will be more focussed towards games, due in part to its clamshell DS like design. The S2 will feature TWO 5.5" screens which will make it ideal for portable gaming. Moreover, the tablet will feature a digital touch-screen controller! Maxconsole managed to grab an image of what this controller will look like!

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ZombieAssassin2588d ago

Dual Shock support through bluetooth please and this thing will be a buy for me.

--Onilink--2588d ago

dualshock support?? why dont just get a psp for like $500 less... not to mention i dont see many confortable ways to play while holding a dualshock controller

ZombieAssassin2588d ago

I'm sure they make tablet stands to set it up like a little TV, and I've been wanting a tablet for a while now so why not get one that's Playstation certified.

buckley2588d ago

It does look really cool, but it's really tough to roll with those "virtual" touchscreen controls.

Baka-akaB2588d ago

Not for me . The bigger the screen the better in my case . especially when you are going to split it in two for the sake of having a book like design .

Cool product but not for me

Blaine2588d ago

I'm also looking forward to the S1 more (the tablet). I really want an Android tablet, preferably from Sony, and the S1 is looking to fit the bill. The S2's cool and all, but if I want to game on the go I already have my... well, Go! And I'll probably pick up the NGP when it comes out, so I really don't need my tablet to be anything more than a tablet.

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The story is too old to be commented.