Cross Game Chat #35 – Console vs. PC

PSLS: "The PSN may be down, but Cross Game Chat will always be here for you. The crew have strong opinions on this week’s news, and a few intense debates start up.

Our News Topics

* Sony Fights to Resuscitate the PlayStation Network
* Fumito Ueda Delays Both his PS3 Projects
* God of War 4 Defying the Gods, Releasing September 2012?
* Dead Space 3 is currently in the lab as Visceral Games is hiring
* PS3 May See Skyrim Mods
* Child of Eden Delayed for PS3, but for a Good Reason
* Chrono Trigger Prepares to Show the PSN What’s Been Missing"

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BigWoopMagazine2587d ago

I frankly don't understand why we don't have keyboard/mouse support for all games - it should just be a firmware update with a mini menu in the accessory settings allowing you to bind keys to the keyboard/mouse buttons. I have a keyboard hooked up to my PS3 almost all the time just to send messages back and forth any way.

For the hardcore PC modders, PC gaming will always be better. Even if we see modding make its way to consoles, we'll still be limited by what the devs and console makers allow us to do - where as on PC, once you access the source code and you know what you're doing, there's virtually unlimited freedom to make what you want.

And if StarCraft 2 came to PS3, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Hell, I was considering buying a new PC for the sole purpose of playing that.

imvix2587d ago

I think KB/mouse would make the console look more of a PC.

Anyways i think Mouse/KB is essential for communication. Specially when it concerns games with too many players like MMOs or FPS games with 32vs 32.

Consider a Raid environment where 40 people are in a raid, you cant have everyone speaking out loud all the time. Its the Raid leaders who are giving out instructions most people are typing msgs to each other.

IMO PC is the ultimate platform when it comes to communication be it voice chat or text specially with services like:

Steam text chat
and many others.

dragon822587d ago

I am listening to tis right now. Good stuff!!

BigWoopMagazine2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Another thing! PC vs Console - PSN goes down, all PS3 online play is screwed. On PC, if a server or network goes down, online gaming for that particular game or service is down, but hell you can always jump on a number of other things, or do direct connect, or find an alternate server, or play a different game... or... whatever. I love console gaming for the ease and simplicity, but it also places you at the mercy of the platform owner.

imvix2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Competely agreed, console gamers are at the mercy of the console makers be it:

Online services
software on the platform: if they dont want u using something they may even ban you.

Backward compatibility: no gaurantee if the thousands of USD worth of games bought this gen will work on the next box.

no mods: you need to pay for stuff like DLCs to get extra content, its different on PC sometimes DLCs are free, mods are almost always there.

Limited to old hardware: while paying a premium on software.

Must use propreitary hardware: cant use Xbox controllers on a PS3, might risk getting banned on xbox just for using a third party HD. PCs on the otherhand are full of customization, Wanna use a DS3 on the PC you can, wanna use Xbox controller sure go ahead. Wanna use Wii mote no problem.

The list of console limitations and platform owner control is limitless.