Does Portal 2 have Game of the Year locked up already?

Alex, Dan, and Jeff have some pretty strong reactions to Valve's newest release. What does Portal 2 mean for the future of gaming?

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RedDead2587d ago

Possibly, Doubt it will be mine. Such a great year this will be, especially November.

Kran2587d ago

One of my contendors.

Lou-Cipher2587d ago

It's definitely in the running, but it's only April.

We still have Uncharted 3/Rage/LA Noire/The Last Guardian/Mass Effect 3/Infamous 2/Deus Ex/Resistance 3/Battlefield 3/Skyrim/Gears 3/Batman:Arkham City.

By the time all these games drop, Portal might not even be in the top 5. It sure is an excelent game so far though.

2586d ago
Ricco-Warrior2586d ago

guess everyone forgot about pokemon? lol jk those games suck now a days

El-Fenemeno12132586d ago

As of now, It is currently my game of the year. However, it is only April and the year isn't even half way done. We'll have to wait and see.

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