Battlefield 3 complete weapons list

A list of all the weapons confirmed and expected to appear in Battlefield 3.

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Urmomlol2097d ago

Did you guys just recycle Bad COmpany 2's weapon list or do you actually have evidence for each of these?

mrv3212097d ago

Dude it's modern times, and do you have any idea how expencive it is to model a weapon? It costs more than maps.

I bet in Dices server mainframe there's super high quality and high detail weapon models, they down scale to PS3 and 360.

alex33692096d ago

still this is so freaking boring to play the same guns since bfbc1

thedarkvault2096d ago

I think the site is touting this as a BF3 weapon list when it's just weapons from BC2, I'm sure most of them will be in BF3, but it's cheat headline to call the list a complete weapons list.

Wenis2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I've seen plenty of vehicles that aren't in the BC series that'll be in BF3, so I expect to see plenty of weapons that aren't in the BC series, which this 'list' shows none of. How lame

Bear_Grylls2096d ago


You heard it.


Anyone that approved this should be branded with the retard stamp.

Headquarters112096d ago

Same guns as BFBC2. Which means i'll get bored of the game within a week. I'll pass, the game looks meh anyways.

DeadlyFire2096d ago

I can model a gun on my PC for free and its a pos. Well not my new one, but the old one is. Its not that hard to make 3d models. Its the textures and polygons that take resources. Even so it doesn't cost them much to do so. EA is one of the largest publishers around.

As far is this list goes. Its all speculation. I don't care if its the exact same list as BC2 and Battlefield 2. As long as the gameplay is improved upon in Battlefield 3 from BC 2. I will be happy. While great it lacks a few things compared to Battlefield 2.

DelbertGrady2096d ago

The list is not official. Read before you comment.

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chriski3332096d ago

i really dont think these will be the weapons for battlefield 3 maybe afew but im pretty sure they will bring new guns for a new war

Crazyglues2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

How did this even get approved... This is just a list of guns from Bad Company 2..

Seriously why?? why was this even approved. FAIL

he says,-"we can make accurate estimates on what weapons will be available" -Really based off of what, a dream you had.

here let me do the same thing - BF3 will have 3 vehicles for sure, one will be a tank, one will be a jeep, one will be a chopper... wow let's get this info out on the front page...

Seriously this was a complete waste of time, I thought they actually had some real info.. highly disappointed. -(I guess it's my fault for even reading this, should have know better once I saw the sites name)


SixZeroFour2096d ago

i want to know how it got approved as well...i mean the first part of the first sentence was "While there’s no official word on the weapons of Battlefield 3"

Solid_Snake-2096d ago

the list is the same a bfbc2. this article should not of made it through.

theflyindutchman2096d ago

lol indeed no new weapons? yeah sure

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rawrockkillz2097d ago

What no cerebral bore? Darn...


No dinos either... What were they thinking? LOL

ASSASSYN 36o2096d ago

Or dragons! Even Skyrim has dragons!

Kurt Russell2096d ago

Skyrim has dragons??!!


ddurand12096d ago

"confirmed and 'expected.'"

looks like nothing is complete. I stopped reading after that.

slinky1234562096d ago

All looks like BFBC2, which is ok, but nothing new so far?

Rezka2096d ago

lol what a joke those are all bfbc1 weapons smh

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