God talks to Conan O'Brien about Halo 3

On an episode of Conan O'Brien a few days ago, Conan is giving God a haircut when God brings up Halo 3. Even God can't resist some good old trash talking Xbox Live style.

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TeaDouble_E4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Conan the best : )

Edit: WTF it didn't show the whole bit !

allforcalisto4074d ago

that was awesome.

"wtf man" hahahaha

Vojkan4074d ago

Conan is crazy! I loved how he owned Jay recently when he was guest on Jays show.

WAR_MACHINE774074d ago

that was pretty funny but I want to go to hell if god says things like pwned


Conan O'brien rules. Good stuff.


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