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Revolutionary Rant - Metacritic Abusers

"The world woke up on Tuesday morning to find your dribble, your fanboy ramblings, your absolutely horrid remarks. I already highlighted a select few of them, but when I visit Metacritic's user reviews for Portal 2 they're nearly all hidden from view." - Daniel Bischoff Game Revolution (Culture, Dev, Industry, Metacritic, PC, Portal 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

Sev  +   1373d ago
I completely agree with this. That's why I hate user reviews.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1373d ago
I can understand the reasons for disliking 0/10 user reviews, but why is this classified as abuse? Clearly, some gamers take issue with Portal 2 and they score it to protest, but no, this is not allowed. Their opinion is "abuse". Let's erase their opinion and trust the all-powerful "pro game journalists" review scores. Silence the dissenters.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1373d ago
I'm surprised anyone still cares about reviews for anything but entertainment. The score thing is so last gen, we have demos of almost everything worth playing now and we can see videos of anything we can't test.

Reviews are now practically useless, specially those made to justify a score instead of sharing an opinion. Much worse, what does a score centralizer site is worthy at this day and age? Why should we care if the game meta is 7.4 or a 7.6 and difference it represents when we can turn our consoles on and see for ourselves on a much better scale: play or not play.
insertcoin  +   1373d ago
And then there are certain company employees who give their own games 10s. *cough* Dragon Age 2 *cough*
Jessica_Vazquez  +   1373d ago
Epic :-)
samurailincoln  +   1373d ago
This is why I never use Metacritic. I just go with my gut. Occasionally I'll end up picking up a crappy game, but usually it's not hard to tell what's going to be good and what's going to stink. Being able to demo games on consoles now and days before buying them is a big help too. Who needs a metacritic anyway? Critics are jerks. The last thing we need is a giant entity made up of them and their bitterness.
Miths  +   1373d ago
The user scores and reviews are just one part of Metacritic - and arguably the least relevant one (by far the least relevant one in my opinion).
Koolaye  +   1373d ago
haha well that was an entertaining rant to read.
Prototype  +   1373d ago
This is why I go off my own personal opinions and not someone elses garbage, especially when its fanboy-related.
metsgaming  +   1373d ago
Alot of the user reviews are bull. You have trolls that post 0's for no reason and then you have fans who put up 10's even though they really wouldnt give it a 10 but they try to compensate for the trolls 0's. But if you read the user reviews and throw away the stuff thats useless you get a better idea of what people think about the game. This is better than relying on the meta score or user score.

Usually this stuff happens mostly for exclusives but do happen for multiplats just not nearly as much.
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gorebago  +   1373d ago
How is it any diff than people on this site able to take away and add to someone's dialogue abilities.

Web 3.0 has it's strengths and weaknesses in that regard.

Besides it's well-regarded that Portal 2 is awesome and if you think so, then someone else's opinion shouldn't matter.

I am loving the game and that's all that matters to me.
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Lamarthedancer  +   1373d ago
My Favorite low rating for Uncharted 2

User: paulg
Rating: 1

" is it really a 1 no but i had to give it this to counter all the unnecessary 10's its getting from fanboys yes graphically excellent but thats were it stops the gameplay is broken drake constantly rolls when you want him to go into cover causing him to be killed numerous times the enemy ai is beyond retarted and to make up for it naughty dog gives them rpgs and sniper rifles so you can get blown up trying to get to a sniper rifle of your own instead of spreading the enemies out naughty dog waits untill 1 section of every chapter and sends wave after wave of soliders at you all the rest of the time your just climbing things after chapter 14 the story gets bland and you start to wonder when its going to be over the co op is fun but you only get 2 levels the competitive multiplayer is awful the climbing leads to a abundance of camers i give it a 7.5 10 for graphics but games are about gameplay and unc2 gameplay is not a ten"

One of the many idiot reviews on great games from Metacritic
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stormeagle6  +   1373d ago
Metacritic is a joke.
cereal_killa  +   1373d ago
This +bubs
LostTokens  +   1372d ago
True, Metacritic IS a joke. But let 'em have their fun... if enough are just fanboys and crybabies that everyone's favorite game needs a kick in the shorts, I say leave them be... or go to them for the same reason people read threads on GameFAQs.

Pure, unadulterated fanboy lust. "Who's BETTER: Cloud or Pac-Man? FIGHT TO THE DEATH!"

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