Unreal Tournament 3 PC Demo Impressions

Joe from Aeropause tried out the demo for Unreal Tournament 3 on the PC this weekend and found it to be remenescent to the first Unreal Tournament game. Epic has eshewed the sports feel of the game and made Unreal Tournament fun to play again.

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wasted3928d ago

I thought this was every bit as good as ut 2003. bonkers graphics and super fast gameplay. must buy, can't wait to see the campaign mode.

mighty_douche3928d ago

its everything i want from a UT game. i love the speed of it so much, after playing this i went back to CS:S and had to double my mouse speed because it felt soooo slow!

amazing gameplay! not sure how the console versions will far tho, their gonna have to drop alot of speed.

deadshark13928d ago

ive got ut2 it gd is this out on ps3?

mighty_douche3928d ago

yes its out for PS3 around november/december hopefully. PS3 version also supports MOD's and keyboard and mouse.

have fun.

JsonHenry3928d ago

I think I am the only person so far that thinks this is the SAME game that we have all been playing for years. Nothing new except the graphics. Which look amazing BTW.

But as far as gameplay goes... nothing new to see here.

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Quickstrike3928d ago

i will just have to wait for UT 3 for the PS3, but thats next month but still i would love to play the Beta.

gamesR4fun3928d ago

ya its a lot like any other fps teh vehicles are ok and it is pretty solid but nothing that made me go wow. Just another unoriginal fps and even with the graphics set to max on ut3 Rfom look and feels a lot better.