Community Announcement: Join the N4G Facebook group

If you're a member of Facebook, we're announcing the opening of our very own N4G group.

Spread the word brothers!

Note: The admins and staff of N4G is not responsible for this group.

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DrPirate4077d ago

Just to let everyone know:

I AM the submitter of this news.

I was debating if this was actually news, if it was just something interesting to the community, or if it was spam.

I thought it was wise to let you guys decide.

Should it go on the frontpage? Personally, I think it's good advertising, it'll cause more people to join the Facebook group, more people will invite their gamer friends, more people will check out the site.

What do you all think?

ben hates you4076d ago

well first off why the hell would i want to make friends with any of the low life fan boys that piss me off, and secondly i like myspace better and if any dumba$$ from this site even talked to me SPAM button instantly

snoop_dizzle4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

To my knowledge we haven't really gotten any extreme fanboys yet, and so far its been friendly(i am one of the admins btw). Or else i would see why you would worry about it.

In fact i was thinking of you joining. i was going to send you a message. But hey if you don't want to you don't have to.

I do agree that this site gets a little crazy at times. But so far, the people on there aren't fanboys. Maybe fans, but thats about it. And remember, N4G is in the beta and about to go into the real version of N4G with even better safeguards. How much worse can it get?

toughNAME4076d ago

why not?

...and i so rarely visit the i sayfront page

now all we need is wikipedia to accept us, get to work drpirate!

GoLeafsGo4076d ago

We're making steady progress =D!

I've already gotten a few friends to join the Facebook group.
Hopefully, they'll migrate over here, as well :D

Btw, I'd love to be an admin *crosses fingers*

LeonSKennedy4Life4076d ago


I'm in the group now.


GoLeafsGo4076d ago

..since my last post, 10 people joined.

Not bad!
Putting it on the front page seems to be paying off.

DrPirate4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Excellent! This is awesome. This little community has to spread it's wings.

I see the place getting more members. I like this, so far, so good, no problems, little discussions popping up, everyone seems to be generally friendly.

Give us gamers a good image. I like, I like...

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