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PlayStation Store Preview – April 26, 2011: PSN Down Edition

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in our weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in our coming soon section. (BloodRayne Betrayal, Moon Diver, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Outland, PS3, PSP, Red Johnson's Chronicles, SHIFT 2 Unleashed, Trine 2, Under Siege, Zen Pinball)

Sev  +   1625d ago
Hopefully there will even be an update tomorrow. Who knows at this point.

And if there is, it would be nice to get a free game or something for everyone's troubles. I doubt it though. Oh, and to be clear, I'm not demanding that like some people.
doctorstrange  +   1625d ago
A free game or a month of PS+ would be nice, but yeah, Sony are suffering the most out of all of this, so I wouldn't blame them if they didnt.
BigWoopMagazine  +   1625d ago
It'll just be nice to have it back. Rough calculations indicate that at this point, Sony only owes PS+ users about $0.65 each... a mini would cover that easily.

On another note, I hope it comes back cause Outland looks cool, I wanna check it out.
shadowknight203  +   1625d ago
I wont provide a link since im really tired right now, but somewhere on the web there is a confirmation that PSN will not have its store update this week.
dericb11  +   1625d ago

Why would Sony owe PS+ user a free game? They would not be receiving anything this week to begin with and the service gives away free stuff anyway. Quit looking for hand outs. This whole mess started because of people want free stuff. Get the service back up is all we should get. PSN is FREE. You ain't lost anytime or money from it.
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T3mpr1x  +   1625d ago
Yeah it'll just be nice to have the network back up. Also, although Sony is already off the hook for owing us anything thanks to the EULA, I wouldn't be surprised if they did give out a freebie anyway, like Microsoft did when XBL was down for 13 days...
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Spitfire_Riggz  +   1625d ago
Wooo if it comes up tomorrow I have to put in a shit ton of hours. They have been racking up.
ERMAC_  +   1625d ago
Off-topic, but I've see 2 other people just today with the same exact avatar as me. Nice to see some good taste. *Swish*
Noble Spartan  +   1624d ago
damn disaster has happened. BREACH OF PERSONAL DATA. How on earth is Sony going to make up for this, No crap free PSN game will do.
dbjj12088  +   1625d ago
month of PS+ sounds about right... it'll be a dry month though!
slaton24  +   1625d ago
if osn is down 6 days than ps+ users should get 6 days added to subscription that is all nothing more should b given out
zeeshan810  +   1625d ago
what's the point? its down :(
swishersweets20031  +   1625d ago
i was wanting some MK DLC.
Sev  +   1625d ago
This! +1
Ser  +   1625d ago
Looking at your avatar, Sev, I really want Ermac's klassic kostume all of a sudden.
dantesparda  +   1625d ago
Hm, i didnt know you're from Boston. Nice!
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KwietStorm  +   1625d ago
Outland :'(
Ace_1975  +   1625d ago
People act like they are entitled to compensation because their free online has been knocked out for less than a week. It's some funny shit, you should be grateful Sony don't charge you a yearly tax to play your games online like MS do
tdrules  +   1625d ago
just like tax, it helps your wellbeing though, see Spotify and WoW for examples
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Neko_Mega  +   1625d ago
BloodRayne Betrayal? Really? I haven't played a BloodRayne game for along time.
itsralf  +   1624d ago
Right? It's going to be a 2D side-scroller.
Der_Kommandant  +   1625d ago
i just figured something horrible yesterday

Can't copy games to my PSP, i need to be connected T____T
Simco876  +   1625d ago
Same with the online storage
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1625d ago
the cloud save and hulu are what I am missing the most. I will spend some time on MK on the bedroom ps3 while the wife has the tv in the living room occupied and am missing out on the kombat koins for the krypt. The trophies are gonna be an issue synching so I am limiting the play for story mode and arcade play on seperate ps3's
joinsideke  +   1625d ago
I love people who ruin things for other people.

For unspecified, half-assed reasons.
Rampaged Death  +   1625d ago
Damn !
People only with a PS3 will be missing out on Outland. This is when I'm glad I own both consoles.
Bounkass  +   1624d ago
Oh great, a DLC pack for SHIFT 2: Unleashed already. Coulden't they just add the cars to the game? Oh wait, they need to make extra cash...
LoneWanderer09  +   1624d ago
just bring it back :(
zero_cool  +   1624d ago
outland i wanna get more details about that title might be interesting.

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