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DTG: A "Hardcore" Wii Would Be A Big Mistake

Imagine a Wii with powerful hardware, a ton of unique technological features, and a fresh new look at multiplayer gaming. Many of our readers will think on the recent rumors of a Wii 2 and smile. However, we think back to the N64 and the Gamecube: powerful gaming systems that alienated and killed off much of Nintendo’s fanbase. We’re worried about a Nintendo system that focuses on powerful hardware instead of compelling software. Would a "hardcore" Wii 2 recapture the hardcore audience and 3rd-party developers, or would Nintendo be stepping on a landmine? (Industry, Nintendo, Tag Invalid, Wii)

fluffydelusions  +   1675d ago
The terms "hardcore" and "Nintendo" haven't gone together in a long time. I don't see that changing given how much they have pulled in from the casual market. I used to be a huge Nintendo fan but somewhat gave up on them a while back and more specifically when the ps1 came out.
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qface64  +   1675d ago
its gonna end up being a new console with a new name so technically not a wii

seems like everywhere i go everyone is assuming it will end up being a new wii which i don't really get
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firefoxprime  +   1675d ago
Alright. So I actually read this article. The man makes some very solid points. Its 2011. So in Nintendo's book, innovation is the name of the game. Clearly suped up graphics/raw engine power isn't "all" Nintendo has up their sleeve.

But then the article took a turn towards nostalgia goggles. Seriously.

Read this:

"The Gamecube continued to push away customers. Plus, Nintendo began to develop bizarre games instead of the sort of games that made them great in the first place. Luigi’s Mansion? Super Mario Sunshine? Star Fox Adventures? Really, Nintendo? Really? You think that gamers wanted those games instead of another sidescrolling Mario or another sidescrolling Donkey Kong Country? The recent Metroid: Other M is a great example of what happens when Nintendo forgets what made a franchise popular and tries to inject a ton of things that don’t belong."

Now this guy has hit many good notes, but I believe he's a bit stuck in the past. Which is quite ironic, since thats where he continues to reach for his arguement.

Everyone is aware of Nintendo's old IPs. Nintendo lost many gamers due to the "same ole, same old". Now I won't lie to you guys and say Other M was a commercial success. Yet I do remember Metriod Prime's leap into FPS. Nowadays, that gameplay is spoken as a given. Most ppl don't even remember the sidescroller days...so why didn't he use Metriod as an example? Huh?

Also check this out:

"Nintendo needs to think back to their own history, where these very same hardcore gamers and software developers abandoned the N64 and Gamecube, despite Nintendo giving them the hardware strength they desired."

Gamers abandoned the N64/Gamecube due to old tech(cartridges) and "diverse" disk media. The guy's diversity also included the exclusion of cd/dvd players.

"Instead of getting angry at Nintendo and demanding they “get with the times” by making a more powerful game system, this writer prefers to think about things a little differently. Since when was diversity in the game industry a bad thing? Nintendo is opening up doors to new gamers while the hardcore-focused games on the 360 and PS3 are locking those same doors and hanging a “member’s only” sign on the knob. Gaming should be available to everyone. It makes no sense that only certain demographics are entertained by the game industry while most others are left in the cold. Before anyone raises the “casuals will kill gaming” banner high into the sky, please be willing to look into history"

For starters...gaming has ALWAYS been available to everyone. There's never been a sign that says a 40year old woman can't smack down in some heavy street fighter tournaments, or duke it out in the latest FPS.

Honestly, this guy just sounds like he's stuck in the past, and despises new gameplay experiences. I wonder what he thought of Mario Galaxy...
matey  +   1674d ago
Dont u love people that dont listen to whats already been said its not a Wii the Wii will still be on the market 4 another 5 years its a legacy console now the new console will be a different beast all togeather hopefully called STREAM i can live with that plus a Wii2 wouldnt be nearly as powerful as the specs STREAM has so people are forgetting its a new console with NEXT GEN hardware way above ps3.
miyamoto  +   1674d ago
.... and having both ultra casual games and ultra hardcore games in one console isn't actually a bad idea.

Remember Konami's Silent Hill & Dance Dance Revolution both on the PS One?

The Wii had Dead Space Extraction and some Resident Evils too.
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scissor_runner  +   1674d ago
Firefighting it's not nostalgia it's game play. He is hating in pc gaming and wanting console gaming back they are different.

Also people forget it's not power that made games good it was art style and game play style.

Nintendo just perfected art style and game play style along with motion gaming. On top of every thing was the fact that 3rd parties where forced to make ps games because of it's success. The only reason why every one went hd instead of the wii this gen is because every one knew that their brand new artists where going to wow you into buying their me too hd game. Tons of these games did not sell. Now they are all confused because every one though the hardcore where made of money and would buy any thing just off hype, well many did.

The truth is the hardcore are picky but if you manage to make a real hardcore game they show up. You won't find them in the Internet defending Mario kart because they know it's useless to the hd fans that hated motion gaming but now like it lol simply because your tv does do SD very well.
iPlayGamez  +   1674d ago

wow really well said, i dont mean the usually "geohot is gay" N4G type of well said, i mean really good breakdown and summary of the article with your own insight on it.
hay  +   1674d ago
You mean, since GameCube? Not so long.
scissor_runner  +   1674d ago
The article and the person above are full of it.

What was hardcore before the ps1? Shooters, side scrollers, RPGs. You guys simply don't know the difference between pc hardcore and console hardcore because you weren't old enough to read the article.

The hardcore is not 2-6 million gamers it's 30 million on consoles.

Ok so let me address the bs here. You can have as many options as you want as long as your interface is designed right. Sony and ms doesn't understand this apple and nintendo does. Which is why the wiis Internet worked even better better than both hd machine with email server support on the actualy system.

Ok the GC and n64 sucked because the games sucked mostly. The Mario kart of those systems or lack of it shows nintendo was out of their element and there hardware was unsure and not ready for real game play. Sure ps1 and 2 fans where fine with subpar controlling and playing games but not nintendo. Simply put the standards where higher.

So here come the wii to prove it. Mario kart for example sells out every x mas now. It's just as good as the first one and double dash was bullshvt. You know it. Wii resorts crushes the move games in game play. You can simulate pedaling a freaking bike in that game and turn, bet you didn't even know that?

The hardcore left nintendo because we are not loyal either you make us games to the standards we know you can or push on. Which is why a cheaper xbox and ps3 is not the answer. Better playing not just looking games are the key.

Why havnt the hardcore got wii or better yet why do they ignore the wii hardcore titles. Well first of all many have not done the LAN party thing so online is cool. The hate for it is coming from fps burn out. Next is they have one but their HDTV makes SD content look like crap if it's not a dlp. Not many people could afford those. So many things are simply ignored because it's just going to look bad regardless of the power.

Now both of those are fixed and every thing is getting ported every thing. The good is it will run better out of the box. The bad is you've already beat it and it might have sucked lol. Yet just a few are dumping games on it the rest are going to shyt on the old hd consoles basically. We've been waiting in this shyt for a while. Gen 7 hd is not like gen 8 hd. Gen seven is not really hd anyway.

You can believe what you want about people that like nintendo but if you believe the stereo types thing you are a fool. Now if you are a fool with a web site get ready to jump ship yet if your a publisher not putting your best on the wii2 then you might be looking for a golden parachute. There are many of those in gaming.

The hardcore don't worship gaming they look for fun stuff to play. The complexity to pc gaming created the hardcore so that would make the hardcore if hd consoles no different than casuals who showed up for wii sports, wii play, wii fit, and wii resorts with sales at an avg of 10 million copies when many hd exclusive can barely get 6 million.

It's really not that hard but you guy refuse to see the truth because it does justify what you want.

Nintendo is bring the goods and the 3rd parties are going to slug it out to convert all of those 20 million Mario 2d gamers to hd games while nintendo does there thing in the back ground to get systems in homes.
2fk  +   1675d ago
it need to be hardcore
NukaCola  +   1675d ago
If this new Ninty system isn't hardcore, I refuse to buy it. I supported the Wii but the system was really a let down and I think Nintendo needs to get with the times now. I hope they really do something different with Proj Cafe.
rabidpancakeburglar  +   1675d ago
"Hardcore" and "Wii" don't even look like they belong together in the title
matey  +   1674d ago
Try STREAM it wont be called Wii2 as that kills off the Wii it will be called STREAM the Wii can still do well even with STREAM in shops Wii will sell 8/10 million a year worldwide instead of 17 million currently
Nintendo are allowed to have a casual console in the Wii and a Hardcore powerhouse in the STREAM it covers all basis its smart as well having the 3DS interact with the only NEXT GEN console that makes the 3DS even more special imagine GTA5 on STREAM/3DS
Peaceful_Jelly  +   1675d ago
In my opinion I think that Nintendo wants a more powerful console for third party's to port their "hardcore" multiplats like Call of Duty. That way Nintendo can focus in doing their own thing (like always) without people criticizing them that they abandoned the so called "hardcore" audience. So if a game like FFvsXIII turns out multiplat then it'll be ported to the Wii2 too and that's one hardcore game in their pocket without moving a finger while at the same time they'll keep both crowds (HC & Casual) happy.
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matey  +   1674d ago
yes but the ports will be enhanced in most cases graphically and resolution wise because STREAM is generations infront i think NoMoreHeros3/RedSteel3 will be at E3 in immence graphics

Shader Model 4.1/DX10.1,11/900mhz GPU/Triplecore CPU clocked higher than 360/ps3 prob 3.8ghz or 4.2ghz i rest my case.
Shackdaddy836  +   1675d ago
I like Nintendo's type of hardcore from the gamecube and N64 days. It wasn't extreme hardcore but at the same time it needed some type of skill to play. Just relaxing really. Hopefully they bring that back.

They just need to make motion controls an add-on rather than a main focus. If they bring back the controller (which I heard they were), then there will be better options for devs and it wont be a huge gimmick.
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The_Infected  +   1675d ago
No matter what happens far as gaming goes it's always a mistake or bad I'm over hearing it!!
shikamaroooo  +   1675d ago
i don't see games like Mario or Zelda being next gen they seemed perfect on GameCube/Wii graphics
Nu-Magician  +   1674d ago
that word is starting to nauseate me. honestly, what is so hardcore about anything gaming
xtremexx  +   1674d ago
hardcore doesnt mean a thing, just because it has good hardware doesnt mean everything is going to be adult, there will still be cartoonish mario.etc that everyone loves (at least i love it)
nevin1  +   1674d ago
Wii 2
they could easily hide behind that name w/o moms knowing this time its meant for hardvore gamers.
Neko_Mega  +   1674d ago
They just need to do what Sony is doing with Move, offer people hardcore games (Like shooters and all) and family games.

And have both support motion control or normal controller, because they everyone is happy and it offers both to all types of gamers.

That is what I hated about the Wii, the lack of normal controller support for games that should have it or being able to choose to.
Valk  +   1674d ago
LOL. Good one kid.. Offer shooters like Move. You mean like MEtroid Prime, COD3, Metal of Honor, Black ops, Modern Warfare, Conduit, GoldenEye? Move has what Killzone? Some people just choose to be ignorant I guess.
Neko_Mega  +   1674d ago
How you really don't know how many games Move works for uh? Point is Wii don't offer anything to both sides.

You have to play everything with motion control on Wii or you don't play it.

Heres some shooters you might have miss: MAG, Killzone 3, Socom, Time Crisis 4, R.E. 5 (If you want to count that one), and more.
Valk  +   1673d ago
LOl you talk about me not knowing but you are clueless to what Wii offers. Exactly what you asked for Core and casual titles that use either controls set up.

I was talking about shooters that use Move from the start. If we are going to add rail shooters the list of Wii games frows even more...

Okay for Wii you have.
RE4 came with Wii support from its launch
Golden Eye.
Hous of the dead 2 & 3
House of the dead overkill
Metroid Prime 3(I dont need to add trilogy cause adding in games that added suport later is just lame. Yeah I know you did it.

I could keep going but I proved you wrong yet again and like a blind follower yuou will just spout off more nonesense while completely igoring that your original point about Wii not offering core and casuals games is completetly wrong.
TruthbeTold  +   1674d ago
If 'Catering to the Hardcore' is things like the rumored port of Modern Warfare 2 or Black ops to the console in 2012, then I'm going to have issues with it. Who wants to play ANY 3 year old FPS? They can keep all of them. Old and new as far as I'm concerned. I am quite burned out on the genre. Not only hasn't there been anything new and worthwhile for a long time, we're even having trouble imagining new and worthwhile additions to the genre. FPS =/= Hardcore necessarily. If they are going to port, then how about some non-FPS RPG's, Action games, and Fighting games?
vicofero  +   1674d ago
it would be cool if nintendo stay with alot of casusal games on it and less hardcore...
because I would rather buy next sony console or next xbox to
play hardcore game....
just my opinion...
Sugreev2001  +   1674d ago
Nintendo needs more IP's imo.I'm personally sick of Mario.Even Zelda games need an overhaul,like the inclusion of Voice-acting (maybe keep Link silent though).They may take risks Hardware-wise,but I haven't seen them take a risk in the software dept. since the release of Eternal Darkness on Gamecube.
Brasi82  +   1674d ago
What do you call Metroid Other M, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine? Some could say Zelda The Wind Waker was a risk. Checking the facts never hurt anyone.
Sugreev2001  +   1674d ago
Mario Mario Mario...that's all you Nintendo fanboys can talk about.I loved Ocarina Of Time,but Twilight Princess was boring.Maybe not to you,but to me...everyone can have a differing opinion.And please,Metroid:Other M is an embarrassment to the franchise.I'm a Metroid fan,and Corruption is the best Wii game so far.I've owned pretty much every Nintendo console except the Gamecube,but I'm not too sure about the next one.
Why do you Nintendo fanboys find it so damn hard to see anyone Hate a Mario game ? Well,at least you can count me in the rare demographic "People Who Despise Mario games"
scissor_runner  +   1674d ago
Sug risk?

They have two RPGs that are being translated? They still have turn based games, fire emblem and paper Mario. They brought out 3 2d games when all the rage is 3d fps with hd graphics a whooped azz with both dkr and mario 5. They got treasure to make hardcore shooters for them we only have one so far. They have red steel2, metroid prime, golden eye and a new Zelda that are motion controlled almost completely.

They made bwii, funded a tons of 3rd development and took a chance making nes like motion controlled games that every one loved.

Ms and Sony basically gave you higher numbers told pc devs to port and kept pointing at hype then gave you online to keep you from getting bored.

Does Sony or ms have any games that took risk and got it right like the wii games I listed? Nope before you say lbp I will say blastworks is still better. Ms has ran out of gas and Sony is running out of sequels.

Now suddenly nintendo is about to get the last nail in their coffins, 3rd party support we all knew that. The fans didn't because they never knew what hardcore meant anyway they only knew about cheerleading their platform. 3rd parties are finally going to make enough money to do some real video games not just pc games.

Developers are tired of catering to sony also and Sony not supporting multplates. All of the grips we had with nintendo are about to be songs problem yet Sony could never make a game good enough for kids to like.
Mikhal5569  +   1674d ago
I'm tired of hearing about "gamers" whine about Mario games and Nintendo's first party games. Personally, I'll stop buying their games when they start making crappy ones. Nintendo's going to succeed in pretty much what ever they choose to do.
mamotte  +   1674d ago
I really worried about this. I'm worried that all the games would have "next gen graphics" and wll be all brown and gray, but who cares? They'll be 1080p and 60 fps, and that's what matters.

Really, I stick with the wii, because I find more design value and fun in a level of Epic Yarn, than on all the COD series.

And I really hope that power on a Nintendo console will not mean that all the good creativity in graphics and design, will be replaced by polygons and polygons.
scissor_runner  +   1674d ago
No need to worry wait till you see pikman. You can even do cooler thing with 2d gaming on the new box you'll see. Nintendo isn't a grantorismo freak they are gaming play freak and very creative.
Shnazzyone  +   1674d ago
Ehhh, it's doubtful it's a bad idea. Likely people will pick it up in the casual crowd and be happy with it no matter what. while the "hardcore" might jump back on board. Either way it wont reach wii numbers but it will likely break 10 million with little effort.

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