Ratchet & Clank FTOD: 60 fps confirmed. Sneak 13 minute preview

In this 13:40 Second video Brian Allegier, creative director for Sony's Ratchet & Clank franchise, talks with Mercury News gaming writers Dean Takahashi and Mike Antonucci about the latest Ratchet game. Brian confirms that RCFTOD will run at 60 frames per second, include Free Roam Extensive Environments, Optional game points, 16 hours+ game play, extensive replay value, unlockables, and extras.

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Bigmac5733958d ago

This game in 60fps? Unbelievable stuff.

no_more_heroes3958d ago

I want this game. It looks funny AND fun, like Psychonauts was.

Bebedora3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I'll eat my own hat!

Bring it on, come 7th nov!!

emaddox843958d ago

Less good = worse

Grammar ftw!

Haha, sorry. That sounded too bad to resist.

Maddens Raiders3958d ago

Kicks Ass. I can't wait to get back home.

solidt123958d ago

16+ hours at 60fps. hell yeah. 1 up gave it a great review and said the the levels are the $hit and doesn't get old. Good replay value, No $hit, I can't tell you how many times I have played the demo since I got it on Blu-Ray when I pre-ordered it. I can't wait for this game and COD4. Drake will be great also. UT3, HAZE.

Whoooop3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

for reminding me I pre-ordered it too. Totally forgot that I did.

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The story is too old to be commented.