Latest Famitsu Review Scores, God of War II, Zack & Wiki, FF Tactics Reviewed

A whole slew of games are reviewed in the latest edition of Famitsu including Eye of Judgement, Zack & Wiki, Ghost Squad, and God of War II.

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DrWan3383d ago

wow, the interactive movie-game got so high of a score! i hope they bring it over so we have a chacne to at least try it

cooke153383d ago

what game would that be?

DemiseofPandas3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

I'm guessing Imabikisou for PS3. Interactive horror story.

Phantom_Lee3383d ago

I dont think hety would..

Maddens Raiders3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

dbl post

Maddens Raiders3383d ago

Treasure Island Z 9,9,8,7 82.5%
DDR Hottest Party 8,7,8,7 75%
Ghost Squad 8,8,8,7 77.5%
The Minna de Kart Race 5,6,6,4 52.5%
The Minna de Bass Fishing Tournament 4,5,4,3 40%
Gintama 5,6,6,5 55%

Apathy 6,6,6,5 57.5%
Marsh 6,5,6,4 52.5%
Code Gears 6,7,7,6 65%
Dungeon Maker 9,7,8,7 77.5%
Gurren Lagann 7,6,7,6 65%
The Frogman Show 7,6,5,5 57.5%
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 9,9,8,8 85%
Sugar Bunnies 6,6,6,6 60%
The Tank 6,5,4,4 47.5%
The Negotiator 7,7,6,6 65%

PS2 <------------
God of War 2 10,9,9,9 92.5%
Volleyball World Cup 7,7,7,7 70%
Baldr Bullet Equilibrium 6,6,6,5 62.5%
Ar Tonelico 2 8,8,7,8 77.5%
Hitman Reborn 6,5,6,4 52.5%

Imabikisou 9,8,8,8 82.5%
Eye of Judgment 8,8,8,9 82.5% <----------

Playstation brand = the Frank Sinatra of consoles.

cooke153382d ago

theres no point in linking to the source if you are just gonna do that

wangdiddy823383d ago

Im shocked. The eye of judgment is getting good reviews so far.. Ign and another site gave the game good reviews.. Not my type of game but i think it will do well..

MK_Red3383d ago

They should have given a better score to God Of War 2. Glad to see Eye o Judgement and that horror title getting respectable scores.

crck3383d ago

GOW2 was an amazing experience. I can't wait to see what they do with part 3.

Ace_Shooter3383d ago

It's easy to give GOW2 a 10. One of the best series ever made...kinda scared on how good part 3 will be..damn

cooke153382d ago

you never know what could happen,GOW3 could flop :P but highly unlikely. Its the game that will make me a buy a ps3, so i better start hearing about the game soon.

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