Korea: Also Getting 40GB White PS3

Kotaku writes: "That Ceramic White 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 is not Japan only by any stretch. As announced a few days back, the country is also getting a Korean release for 348,000 won (US $350) - on the same day it's out in The Land of the Rising Sun! Does that mean North America will have a Ceramic White Christmas? One would hope"

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tocrazed4you4076d ago

350 us dollars? wow thats 50 bucks off the rumored 400 dollars price sounds good for koreans.

Sevir044076d ago

US is getting this sony just needs to cut the freaking games and announce it. maybe they plan for a Us bundle like HS or Ratchet with the PS3.

Whoooop4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Have you saved enough money from cleaning your mom's basement???

Your chance to get what you know deep inside you can't resist, is getting near by the minute..

A brand NEW shiny white PS3 to go alone with your precious 360... Well thinking about it I'm not sure it will go alone that well cause your 360 might be in the shop.. :)

Commonnn I know you will get one. It's necessary to actually experience next gen gaming.. welcome aboard granpad. :P

BloodySinner4076d ago

If there's a white PS3 coming to Canada, I'd get it in a heart beat.