DotA 2 Price Leaked and More News Regarding Valve Upcoming Title

JoinDota might be providing Beta keys for DotA2 as well as the game got priced $50-60 USD depends the region you are currently living in.

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BeastlyRig2667d ago

I bet It's $50 with a Pre Order $45 price!

PLASTICA-MAN2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I thought the game would FREE like Alien Swarm ! 60$?! Really? People must be on drugs to spend so much on such a game ( and the developers too). This is not GOW4 dammit!

Edit: Seeing stupid mods (made by unskilled people) turning full priced games like Dino D-Day and Natural Selection 2 isn't very promising for gaming. Games like that (ex fan-made mods) should stay at 10-15$ max like Killing Floor, Garry's Mod, Counter-Strike etc... Beyond that is illegal profit and scam !

Raendom2667d ago

Defence of the Ancients.

tdrules2667d ago


I'm not shocked at your ignorance of DOTA, more that your port of call for knowledge is the N4G comments.

look up:
Heroes of Newerth
League of Legends

Lamarthedancer2667d ago

Yeah thats nice...

Instead Valve show us the new Half life at E3 instead of this

captain-obvious2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

did you just called DoTA ""this"" in some kind of a disrespectful way ???

oh wow

BeastlyRig2667d ago

Why does everyone want the game rushed so bad? Let them complete the master piece!! Shut it!!

Lamarthedancer2667d ago

No you shut it Troll :)

I think after 4 years with out any info we need it to be at this E3

therapist2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

it better be 39.99 with a $5 off pre-order, knocking it down to 34.99 usd, or else, I'll just polay LoL for free.

They also better make the graphics freaking crazy good too, or not intrested, these's a ton of free DoTa clones, I can play it in starcraft 2 in about 100 variations from all the free user mods (STARCRAFT 2 GOTD {game of the decade} , LoL, bloodlines, savage 2....

you better sstep up your game and lower your price icefrog

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