Two New Videos of Unreal Tournament 3

Two new videos of Unreal Tournament 3 from Gametrailers.

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skynidas3928d ago

i hope epic release this before 2008 on the ps3

ATLRoAcH3928d ago

I hope it comes in 07.I liked when dude said "I'm on your team idiot".I wish they had that in warhawk. I can't stand when one of my teammates turns on me.

ErcsYou3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

i think a dec release would be gives me a month to whoop some a$$ in COD4.. was thinking about "the orange box " but i want to see how EA handles it before i get my hopes up..
once UT3 releases on the ps3 i will spend almost all my time on a killing spree

@1.1 lol i hate that..i hate being ran over by my team mates too.. they always say "i forgot what team i was on"..... then i slit their throat

TheHater3928d ago

I just finish playing this game. And all ps3 owners that are wait for this game is going to love it. Dam this game is so much fun online and offline. Why did it have to be delay. I can see a lot of people buying ps3 just to play this game if they are a fan of the unreal Series on the pc

Robotz Rule3928d ago

I can't wait to play UTIII online!

It looks soo damn fun:)

TheHater3928d ago

you will not know how much fun this game is online until you play it for yourself. But you will not be disappointed.

whateva3928d ago

Let me see $400 to upgrade My pc for UT3 or get a PS3????

I think I'll take that PS3 with the free Blu-ray player inside of it.

bluebrad19743928d ago

I expected something different from this game.

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