Meijer Offers Only Blu-ray On Web site

For now, Blu-ray Disc has an edge at regional mass merchant Meijer, which began offering Blu-ray titles exclusively on its Web site in mid-September.

The site offers about 300 Blu-ray titles, which is a full representation of releases that studios have streeted to this point.

Numbering about 180 outlets across Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio, Meijer does offer a limited number of both Blu-ray and HD DVD titles in stores.

Meijer director of e-commerce marketing Dawn Bronkema said
"Blu-ray is currently outselling HD DVD with a ratio of four-to-one,"

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Whoooop4077d ago

or bluray is on a rampage???? dododododo doublee kill... headshot,headshot,headshot... The bomb has being defused.

God I miss Counter Strike. :)

mighty_douche4077d ago

"enermy spotted"

"team, fall back"

lol, still the best multiplayer FPS out there IMO.

PopEmUp4076d ago


I still love the game even half Life doesn't compare to it

IdontTakeSides4077d ago

OKay then Good for Blu-Ray..but I mean these Blu-Ray outselling HD-DVD post is getting really about we just let HD-DVD fade into peace..!!!

pilotpistolpete4077d ago

I really hope that Br wins. And thats not just the fact that I have a br player (ps3), but for once, consumers are choosing the superior format. With Beta going away despite its advantages over VHS, price was always THE factor.

Happy. Now I can look forward to 200gb back ups on my PC. Nice!

WilliamRLBaker4077d ago

yet they still carry both in store...and a very paltry both...when wal-mart has more titles then you........then its a bad thing.

THE_JUDGE4076d ago

I live in Michigan where there are a ton of Meijers (the company was started in MI) and this is a good thing if they acutaly let people know BD is there. I went into a Meijer last week and just discovered that they carried some BD movies. I was shocked that they weren't advertising them a bit more.

WilliamRLBaker4076d ago

most meijer stores carry both formats, My meijer store the anderson, and fishers meijer all carry both formats but only carry cheap RCA hd dvd players.

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