When PSN is no longer down, PS3 gamers should get these perks from Sony

GamingTarget: The PSN outage over the last four and a half days has roiled the PlayStation videogame community. Unable to play online games on the PS3 and PSP, many disgruntled gamers are trolling the Internet for updates about the network's status. Almost every site that you turn to, whether it's Facebook, Twitter or right here in our comments, there's someone suggesting that they want a free game

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Pacman3212589d ago

We gamers don't deserve anything, its a free service.
Sony can take as long as they want.

iamnsuperman2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I agree about the free service and people shouldn't get compensation for a free service. It is more wishful thinking really, people believe it will happen because it happened to live subscribers but they pay so it they had to get compensated (Maybe an extra week free nothing big). Its unclear if the PSN+ subscribers would get anything because they pay for discounts they can't access.

StanSmith2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

In reality though, what have plus members missed out on? The content that they paid for will still be there once the PSN is up and running again. It's not like things are released weekly on it which they have no access to because of the outages.

Sony doesn't have to compensate anyone really. They owe their users a statement letting us know if our card details have been compromised though.

*edit* DC Universe and Free realms users should receive an extra week on their subs though!

darthv722589d ago

everyone got something...not just the paid members.

MS compensated all live members for the down time so the idea of sony doing the same is what is on people's minds. regardless of a free service, sony will likely do something to say sorry for the inconvenience.

I am not expecting anything but if they do then so be it. It is all good PR if they did.

StanSmith2589d ago

@ darth

Thats true but still i doubt Sony will give anything of any value. We would probably be lucky to get a mini!

Menech2589d ago

It's a free service that requires a 299 adoption fee.

It's also advertised on that box of that 299 adoption fee that it comes with "free online" and access to the PSN store.

It's not given to us out of the goodness of Sony's heart it's part of are PS3 bundle. So don't act like Sony can take it away whenever they want.

If Sony decided tomorrow, right PS3 gamers can't go online any more they would get sued so badly there feet wouldn't touch the ground.

TOSgamer2589d ago


Some of the bullshit you guys come up with is classic. Sony never advertising free online gaming for life when you buy a PS3. They could shut psn down for good and there isn't a thing anyone could do about it. Just like Sega shut down the online for Dreamcast. Was anyone able to sue Sega for money? lol

MrDead2589d ago


"I find it funny how the PS3 fanboy elite are the first commenting in a 360 thread that doesn't concern them what so ever..."

your own words, you should take your own advice.

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DOMination2589d ago

PS+ members can still access the content before the outage and after. Sony owe us nothing. Afterall, they took PSN down themselves to make it more secure for US.

beavis4play2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

why are so many people mad at sony? they're trying to provide a FREE service to us. the hacker criminals that caused this situation is who eveyone should be mad at.

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Armyntt2589d ago

Stuff happens. PSN is a free service and even then for the PS+ members why does $ony owe you anything? If $ony owes anyone anything i would say the PS+ people, even then if the PSN is down for a week I say all they owe you is an additional week to your subscription.

fossilfern2589d ago

Will people stop bitching about being owed something! The only people I can think of that are owed anything is the DC universe users and perhaps PS+. The base service is free and all I would really want is just a solid explanation as to why it went down. But if I dont get that then im fine with it because they are building a safer network and thats all I, and other PSN users, would need.

Max_Dissatisfaction2589d ago

I don't want perks when this is over. I want up to date information from Sony now. Thats it, just a comprehensive update. I do not want to rely on rumours for info

sycnation2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

i want only for the updates
like my info and credit card info!

the games i have (and they number over 50) will keep me tided over for as long as it takes
Has anyone considered the affects of the Japanese will be having trying to satisfy the world when it went throught one the worst natural disasters ever?

I say let them do their jobs, and ONLY those who paid to play ONLINE should be reimbursed. PS+ has games that are time trialed, so you enjoy em on and offline.

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