PS3 UK, France, Germany status sites: The Soonest Way To Tell If PSN is Back Up

From "Gamers in the UK and other countries have a leg up on everyone in America when it comes to knowing the answer thanks to the official PlayStation UK site...The official PlayStation site here in the United States doesn't have a PSN status icon and Sony has only updated its blog twice, so far sparse with detail on when PSN will be back."

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lepolohuevo2616d ago

Ooooh nice :) SCEA should take a few notes about designing websites, because the european PlayStation website look really nice! Lots of useful stuff under the eyes too.

Nitrowolf22616d ago

i'm wondering why they took the status indicator off the us site, they use to have it

egidem2616d ago

People are absolutely going nuts over this outage! I am simply going to sit back, relax and wait for any future updates from Sony on this issue. In the meantime, I'll play some single player games. If I get bored, I'll go outside.

Simple as that.

WildArmed2616d ago

Go outside?


Blad3star2616d ago

I can imagine some one on that site hitting the refresh button every second.

SwiderMan2616d ago

@Blad3star It would be enough to crash the Network... oh wait.

iheartdestr0y2616d ago

About time we get a better notice system.

SwiderMan2616d ago

Agreed. PSN needs a fail whale.

oricon2616d ago

No its not a good way to find out if psn is up due to it sometimes shows that its on, because ive been checking for status update and sometimes shows on.

lil Titan2616d ago

i think they said they are ready to go online they just want to add more security to the network so this wont happen again

Blad3star2616d ago

You think

Its either you did hear that or you did not - which one is it?

lil Titan2615d ago

Its still i think and where would i hear that info from? its more likely i read that somewhere, so its either they are securing the network with more security or they're not simple as that or like i said "I Think"

i swear not being online made some people snappy, yall need a hobby

RAVEN812616d ago

nice i already posed this news and it didn't get approved nice very nice

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The story is too old to be commented.