1UP Reviews Beautiful Katamari

Beautiful Katamari seemed to be rolling uphill ever since its first showing. It's the latest in a series that at one time could do no wrong, but now has become something of a gaming-industry whipping boy, both for failing to innovate (kinda funny since the original was highly lauded for a bizarre and unique premise that is still unlike any other game) and a poor choice of direction, namely making the leap to the single-analog-sticked PSP. And now comes the first entry of this new generation.

Given that Beautiful Katamari's graphics don't look a whole lot different from those in the PS2 original, it's hard not to appreciate the irony of the game's title. Of course, some could argue that if the game went for superrealistic graphics and hyperdetailed backdrops, it would lose some of its whimsical charm. Would a scene in which a pack of monkeys hounds a poor chap covered in bananas work if not depicted in comical, Lego-like form? Maybe, but it certainly does work as it is.

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wageslave4075d ago

I'll be there day one. I love this game, and the new multi-player sounds terrific.


RadientFlux4075d ago

I'll be picking up this game sometime this week. My wife loves the Katamari series

Amp4075d ago

If you have never had a chance to play this game, do yourself a favor and get it.