Must-have Nintendo enters Japan's top three

Frenzied buying of Nintendo shares has propelled the Kyoto-based games console maker's market value to ten trillion yen (£40 billion) and won it a place among the top three most valuable companies in Japan.

Toyota, the world's biggest car-maker, remains Japan's largest company, but the position of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group - the world's biggest bank by assets - in second place looks vulnerable as Nintendo continues its relentless march higher.

Moreover, the rise of Nintendo has sparked explosive share-price rises for companies that were, until a few weeks ago, moribund. Last week Capcom, the firm behind the successful Monster Hunter series of games, said that the next instalment would appear exclusively on Nintendo's Wii console. Since then, Capcom's shares have leapt 23 per cent.

The rise was in stark contrast to the savaging that Capcom's shares suffered several years ago after the company said that Resident Evil, another of its titles, would appear exclusively on the Game Cube, the Wii's ill-fated predecessor.

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ItsDubC4079d ago

Realistic golf simulator using the balance board? Interesting...

PS360WII4079d ago

yea I like how they snuck that in on the last paragraph. I'm hoping for a lot of cool things for that balance board. Crazy how Capcom's stock went way up after saying MH3 was going to the Wii.