Battlefield 3 Coming to Nintendo With 64 Players?

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Coming to Nintendo? with 64 Players?

There are many “hardcore” gamers who are embarrassed to talk or even mention the name Nintendo in a serious conversation about gaming. Long gone are the days of the 80’s and 90’s where it was “Cool” to own and play a Nintendo. Today the word is Taboo in some circles, being synonymous with kid games and a gimmicky wand for a controller.

But…..that may be about to change…..

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I_find_it_funny2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

" There is NO EVIDENCE so all of this is purely speculative – but read me out… "

no thanks

BiggCMan2310d ago

Well I think it would be great if Nintendo had a franchise like Battlefield on their supposed new console. Perhaps it means they will take a more serious route with it you know? Top notch graphics, hopefully an online community etc.. All the stuff you now expect from your new consoles. In all seriousness here, I really thought the headline said coming to Nintendo64, then I reread it and things started to make sense haha. I do miss the N64 though, such a great console with so many amazing games on it.

Inside_out2310d ago

If Nintendo does announce a new console at E3, then Sony and Microsoft will launch at the same time. They have to or all will be lost. Epic, Crytek, Dice...etc, will all be on the new console and Nintendo will want to lock up some exclusives for their new machine from those guys and especially the middleware.

I've always thought that Microsoft would launch first and I still believe that but with all the speculation this week, it's now a must that they push the new console.

Can you imagine if Nintendo launches a console with 1080p/60 fps standard with the capability to do even more than that if the game is scaled for it. Nintendo will walk off with the hard core and as everybody already knows, they have the casuals already. With backwards compatibility a guarantee, it will lights out for Sony and Microsoft.

DeadlyFire2310d ago

Call of Duty, Battlefield = Yes. More than likely to appear on New Nintendo console. Don't know if it will be Battlefield 3 or this COD number coming in 2011 though as they are launching this year and its possible Bad Company 3 and another Call of Duty might be ready by end 2012.

64 players. I would hope so, but knowing the push for more power its still likely to stand around 32 players at most for a typical game in the new generation. That's not to say some games with more players can't exist. Just depends.

As far as Sony and Microsoft go they are launching a new console by 2014. Likely to be announced by E3 2012 since Nintendo is already coming with their announcement this year.

I do think Sony is prepped to announce. As they hinted at a new console at CES this year already. Stating that NGP is first of a new line of Sony entertainment products or something of a similar sense meaning something else is to be announced soon.

vulcanproject2310d ago

Only if nintendo have the solid well integrated online service to support it, and a console with enough RAM...

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Soldierone2310d ago

Yeah. There are also rumors about scientists making pigs fly.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I thought it was on Wii. I also saw the Crysis leaked gameplay on Wii, which was funny. But on Wii 2, Battlefield could be possible if they make a core system.

Agent-862310d ago

It's April 23 and a little late for April Fools Day jokes.

lelo2play2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

It would be funny if they released BF3 for the Wii2 with support for 64 players. How would PS3 and X360 players feel?

If Nintendo releases the Wii2 this year, i think Microsoft and Sony should release a new console in 2012... or they will stay behind.

Soldierone2310d ago

By the time devs think "screw the PS3 and 360, use the potential of the Wii2" there will be new variations coming. This will take more than a year of Wii2 being on the market though.

CommonSense2310d ago

There is no way this is happening. Wii 2 hasn't even been formally announced. which means the soonest it would launch would be end of the year (which is HIGHLY unlikely). but lets say that it is coming in 2011...the money being invested in battlefield 3 is already very high. do you really think they'd suddenly invest more resources to port it to a system with a 0 install base?

ipe2310d ago

- there s no chance wii2 ll come this year, especially when N is hoping for good 3ds holiday
- there is no chance ps4/xbox ll come next year
- and 1 game ll not change that

lh_swe2310d ago

As a gamer I would be happy, and if the console turned out awesome I'd buy it. It would be retarded to be angry about evolving tech...because in the end its a means to an end, that end being gaming.

Dumb speculation tho, as thats all this is...despite that, I can't say I wouldn't wish it to be true.

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ATiElite2310d ago

Lets all speculate that Modern Warfare 3 will be an Onlive Exclusive.

Lets entertain the rumor that Half Life 3 will release on the ipad 2 at E3.

see i can make stuff up to for web hits.

TheDeadMetalhead2310d ago

Mortal Kombat 9 is coming to a new Sega system. My dad works at Sega and he told me.

humbleopinion2310d ago

The actual question is - why is this crap marked as an article and not as a rumor?

iamtehpwn2310d ago

Agrees if you thought it said "Coming to Nintendo 64" at first.

SlyFoxC2310d ago

i read that and was like WTH?!!!

SantistaUSA2310d ago

I'm glad I wasn't the only one! lol :p

TheDeadMetalhead2310d ago

You are now imagining Battlefield 3 on Nintendo 64 playing just like Goldeneye.

I'd buy it.

R8342310d ago

haha - I read that too! :)

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FinalSpartan2310d ago

Wii 2 version will look like PC version.

BattleAxe2310d ago

Your brain looks like the 8 bit Nintendo version.

matey2310d ago

atually better when its a revamped R700 it will mean more in line with HD 6000 series

The_Claw2310d ago

sorry dude but i dont think the wii 2 will be out this coming november so no, it wont have bf3 or mw3. maybe later after project cafe actually launches.

Zydake2310d ago

I don't think you guys noticed but with all that money they made off the DS Wii and now the 3DS these guys aquired a lot of money. With that money they can make something unstoppable unlike Sony and Microsoft where both corps have different products like TV's, phones or computers but Nintendo only has one focus which is gaming. With that they can use a lot of money to get some good research done.

sourav932310d ago

Yes. Sony and MS have other products as well. More products = more sources of finance. Hence, they can use the money for any section of the company they give priority to. So you see, sony and ms has more options unlike Nintendo.

SleazyChimp2310d ago

Yeah cuz really Nintendo just basically re-package a game cube and gave it a new waggle controller and sold to consumers again. So there is some logic to what your saying. By doing this Nintendo was the only console maker that was making a profit off their console right out the gate. Which would give them a sizable war chest. Its gonna need it if they really plan on taking Sony and MS head on and try to beat them at their own game.

Maddens Raiders2310d ago

another purely speculative & *wishful* article. Pathetic.

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2fk2310d ago

i would never get BF3 or MW3 on anything Nintendo