Call of Duty 4 PC vs. Consoles

Is the PC version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare different than the console versions? Find out in GT's video interview with the head of Infinity Ward.

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SonySoldiers4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )



ps. Yes, we played it and it feels smoother too (60FPS). The colors are richer, much better AI & physics, etc. Buy the PS3 version if you don't want to get upset!

Myth4051d ago

I can not view the video on this PC. Did they actually say that?

Charlie26884051d ago

I still havent decided between the PC or 360 version of the game >.> the 360s Achievements of the quality found in this game are EXTREMELY tempting :P

Myth4051d ago

I can not view the video on this PC. Did they actually say that?

ulath6664051d ago

They didnt...
Its just some retard with to much time on his hands.
and, no. The PC version will look slightly better. Probably not by much but im sure ittl be there

Proxy4051d ago

Just look at the superior cards only pushing 40 fps. These cards alone have more ram than either console, and can out perform the consoles graphics (not that ram is the only consideration, I'm not implying that), yet only pushes 40 fps. Why? Because the PC version has more eye candy/whatever to make it that much more demanding.

All versions should look very good though, and close to the same.

I expect that once the "PS3 vs 360 COD4 comparisions shots" comes there will be no need for a heater this winter...

Real Gambler4051d ago

If you take the minimum specifications for COD4 for a pc, it's asking for 512Mb for XP and 768Mb for Vista. Even better, recommended specifications is 1Gb for XP and 2Gb for Vista.

So basically, just to run the game at recommended specs, with Vista, you're loosing more than one Gig of Ram just in O.S. overhead. It's not used by the game, it's used by the O.S. So basically, huge amout of memory does not mean it's all going to the game. The O.S. is still running in the background and chewing some of it, antivirus running, big drivers for multiples video cards or sound cards, etc. Even some video memory is being stolen by the O.S. so it can come back at the push of a button (or two for alt-tab : )

And yes, your video card may have 512Mb of memory, but the PC game is also designed to run on 256Mb and 128Mb and maybe even 64Mb. Again, lots of overhead everywhere to make sure it's also working for Ati, Nvidia, and all the other brands. So your game running at 40FPS on your 512Mb card, could be running at 70FPS, if the game would have been designed specifically for this card only. No overhead anywhere. A very strimlined driver. Same hardware, yet much better result because there's no compromises being done anywhere. How many time do you see games being patched for some specifics cards after release. Overhead everywhere.

That's why consoles are doing so well with little memory. Remember, the PS2 has 32Mb of memory. There's still games coming out today that are quite decent. God of War is a good exemple. Try to find a game that would run on a PC with 32Mb of memory total, for OS AND Graphic!

Consoles GPU have way less memory than current PC cards. Yet, right away, there's some games that came out running at 1920X1080 with very decent FPS. And it's only the beginning. They don't need 2Gig of memory because they are not running Vista, and they are talking to one and only ONE graphic chip, and one and only ONE sound chip, and so on. No overhead.

Mikey_Gee4051d ago

First we have/had PS3 and 360 fans banging head on a daily basis and throwing crap at each other .... now is looks like a new war is on the horizon ... PC fans VS Console fans.

Maybe even a 3 way battle ....

Oh joy, the level of retardation has just moved up a notch on N4G

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