Civilization V is dropped to 40% off

Via direct2drive, IGN's distribution service for PC and Mac.

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kyl2772612d ago

This is why I love PC gaming, nuff said.

undercovrr2612d ago

although not a huge pc gamer myself, I am inclined to agree with you. PC games not only have cheaper launch prices, but also have crazy deals - usually because of Steam. Too bad i suck at PC FPS or else I would be all over them (I'm really bad with mouse and keyboard).

kyl2772612d ago

A lot of PC games have fantastic controller support these days.

undercovrr2612d ago

Unfortunately I prefer the ps3 controller, which to what I've read is a pain to install on the pc. I have yet to give it a try though, and i probably should

BeastlyRig2612d ago

I took me 2 months to get good using a mouse!

Alot of counter strike would get you up to speed!

BeastlyRig2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

If you use the promotion code "bunny" on D2D they take of 20%!

I'll just get BF3 for $44!