Pre-order Battlefield 3 Limited Edition for €22.49 (£19.99/$33) writes:

"A has a special Easter promotion, the upcoming Battlefield 3 Limited Edition with additional Back to Karkand DLC and pre-order goodies in Battlefield Play4Free for just 24,99 Euro. If you use the 5 Euro discount link on the EA site, your Battlefield 3 pre-order is even cheaper: 22,49 Euro.

Go to the EA store and pre-order your copy now:

Use promotional coupon code "I4250".
The team wishes you a great Easter holiday."

Editor's Note:

Coke zone code can be used to make it £14.99 for UK.

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Vip3r2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Tempting, but I want to see and read more about it.

I know dice didn't make MoH (excluding MP) but after it, EA are a but disappoint when it comes to FPS games recently. Crysis 2 was another. Just not enough appeal as the first. :/

dry_ice2346d ago

Garbage... take it down this doesn't work.

BeastlyRig2346d ago

Damn it expired yesterday!

matnum2346d ago

got it the other day for 14.99 well chuffed

matnum2346d ago

EA store was half of all games, pluse 5 pound off for coke zone points

stuntman_mike2346d ago

whoever posted this was a bit late it ended yesterday. bollocks.

Vip3r2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I wasn't late in posting this. People were late in approving it.

Hassassin2346d ago

The greedy bastards made sure they got it first!!