Nyko introduces Intercooler for Nintendo's Wii

Just in case your Wii has suddenly and unexpectedly become some sort of flamethrower in recent weeks, Nyko is introducing a cooling solution of its very own. Granted, we don't really expect that most Wii consoles will actually need this thing, but we're sure the "better safe than sorry" crowd will have a field day. Regardless, the clip-on device won't require any fancy modifications to operate, and while it will only run you $14.99, your money is probably better spent elsewhere (read: anywhere).

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Young Capwn3481d ago

Honestly........... who plays it for more than 20 minites..

Radiomorph3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

People who don't give a fvck about fanboys who feel insecure about their choise of purchase.

Poisen3481d ago

You mean...who actually plays at all?
Now if they released something like that for the 360....

kss3480d ago

fu*k wii f*uk xbots

kss3480d ago

fu*k wii f*uk xbots

ChickeyCantor3480d ago

you my friend, have a strange fetish.

bym051d3480d ago

Yay, another useless POS to take stupid people's money.

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The story is too old to be commented.