Ten PSP Gems You May Have Missed

Joystick Division looks at ten great but lesser known PSP games that deserve to be played.

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The Matrix2733d ago

Actually I think I've played all 10 of the PSP's gems.

metsgaming2733d ago

I will pick up Daxter at some point it's like $5 at gamestop so why not right ?

Emilio_Estevez2733d ago

Now I wanna check out Warriors, Catlevania and Crush...They all sound cool.

zeal0us2733d ago

powerstone collections was pretty good.

Close_Second2733d ago

Been waiting for Castlevania for ages...still a no show on the NZ PSN store. Sony, why won't you support the Go and release these games on PSN!!!!!

gersh2732d ago

What about Gurumin? I love that game.