Rated “M” Doesn’t Make a Good Game

Airbornegames has played a lot of games, action, adventure, shooter, puzzle, MMO, and more, and our favorite, the most memorable games are all rated T or lower. In fact, we feel like in a way when developers go out of their way make sure their game is rated M, it takes away from the experience and puts too much focus on brutal violence, language, and nudity. That should never be the primary part of a game.

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DeathProof2590d ago

No doubt, there are plenty of great gaming experiences out there without an M rating.

The Matrix2590d ago

Yeah like Uncharted series, Infamous series and the new Batman series.

soren2590d ago

or games like zelda and fire emblem

gamerzBEreal172590d ago

u mean to tell me u dont think those games would be better with a M rating?

Nugan2590d ago

Do you honestly think Zelda would be better with an M rating? What would Zelda gain from that?

I think gamers need to understand that each game has its own tone an atmosphere, and that gore or violence or vulgarity aren't right for every game.

Some games do benefit from being rated M. That's certainly true of the GTA series, Doom, etc. But going mature won't improve a game that already stinks (see Dante's Inferno).

Meanwhile, other games--including Zelda--benefit from a more inclusive, family-friendly tone.

Giant_Chibi2590d ago

@nugan Topless Zelda. She wouldn't gain anything, but we would. You know whaddamsayin mang~~ ;)

giggedy giggedy, awwright

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RedDead2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Doesn't need an M-rating, I just want it to be mature enough to not be....for kids. I'm afraid to say Kingdom Hearts turned me off it with it's cheesiness and just plain ridiculous stuff...KH2 little Mermaid. That was well...I cried...after I puked on my Joypad

Well this^^^ is why i'm looking forward to Versus 13. Having one of the central themes about war and friendship(losing friends more like)

A show that everyone on this site hates...Naruto...has recently took a dip to far for me in the the kiddy cheesy side of it. Which is why i'm starting to not like it. The ending has become ridiculously predictable and it's reverted right back to a super happy jesus-like main character versus a character full of Hate and vengeance and well madness. I don't mind the second part but the Main character has become such a noob it's not even funny. It was never as blatant as this type of GvE before. At one point there is even a completely 50/50 fan split on what was the good thing and what was the bad thing. In reality it was sacrifice for the greater good. Which is evil for the right reasons.(basically genocide but it had to be done to avoid world war)

Blaze9292590d ago

I want to know what's the point of an AO rating if no one can make one because no one would sell it? I mean come on, when will this barrier that videogames are only for kids end?

MAJ0R2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

well that's the main reason I don't own a wii, too many kiddy games on it that just don't appeal to me... doesn't mean there bad games tho

thedriffter502590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

There are some games were it wouldn't work without an M rating.

GTA series as a example. GTA 3 finally opened gaming to new hights when gaming was considered childish.

It depends how the game uses these. Unlike Gears of War were its just there to sell copies and not advance the story.

MidnytRain2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

II feel Rockstar's other game, Red Dead Redemption (which I don't believe the author has played), includes its mature content in a tasteful and compelling way. It paints an fascinating portrait of the western United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There is one mission in which a naked woman was shown hanging (from behind). I think it really conveys the harshness of the setting and lives up to its "wild west" influences. It's all a fairly truthful representation of the times.

e-p-ayeaH2590d ago

Well of course it doesnt imply that is a better thing for every game but when that game as to be only for mature audiences let it be because that´s better for the game.

ugabugaz2590d ago

FALSE. Fact: Only bloody, gory games featuring full on nudity and large amounts of adult situations are worth playing.

Fact: M rated games are for the weak minded. Fact: AO rated games are far superior.

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