Becoming The Next Great Rock Band Won't Come Cheap

The garage rock band has now turned into the living room rock band, and as Electronic Arts "Rock Band" approaches its release date for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on Nov. 23, reports are stating that only the bundle will be sold initially.

The bundle will ring in at $169, and individual instruments won't be available until early 2008.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

spending $200 to have a bunch of plastic instruments in your house. I'm a gamer, not a joker.

Nostradavis4079d ago

yep. looks like EA is once again looking to rape the consumer. The reason stated in the article itself is ridiculous. It's a bottom line money hungry objective. I hope Guitar Hero wins out.

BLACKJACK VII4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

"Becoming The Next Great Rock Band Won't Come Cheap"

Gimme a break, pressin' buttons IS NOT playing a musical instrument. No offense, but for price of any of these "Bundles" you could get yourself a nice acoustic & a chord book.

Much more impressive.

Syko4079d ago

YES, Finally someone has stated the obvious. That's why instead of Halo 3 I got an assault rifle. I am just having a hard time finding people in Spartan gear to shoot.

Nostradavis4079d ago


Well of course real musicians are probably not going to be interested in playing fake instruments attached to a console, but I am not sure that is the target audience here. So if all things are relevant, the title does make sense for the audience it is targeting.

While I do understand the point you are trying to make, if the demand for this type of setup was not there, the publishers would not be creating these types of games.

Guitar Hero was a huge success and Rock Band is hoping to follow in their footsteps.


I agree - you are correct - I know it will sell millions... nay, Billions....

But you are also right when you say musicians aren't interested, I play several instuments, but mainly lead guitar in an alternative rock band that gigs regularly. I would rather see a friend get a REAL guitar & learn something as opposed to this, especially considering the price. However, comparing that to purchasing an assault rifle...(Syko 360) is obviously ludicris & a pretty unfair comparison. There IS alot more to life than gaming, y'know - LOL, everything doesn't have to be a simulation !

Ravenator5294079d ago

This is a game! Not a "real" instrument. And while I do think that Rockband is trying to do "too much", not every "gamer" who loves music want to go out and play a "real" instrument.

Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band let you pretend that you are actually playing the song. Sure, we know we aren't but it's a very very enjoyable and fun exprerience to be had.

Learning to play a real guitar can be quite a frustrating experience. Playing a real guitar is no where near playing a game like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Trust me, I know! I play the drums and have tried over and over to learn the guitar with no luck.

Sure I can play a little but I mess up WAY too much to even think about playing in front of people. It's not easy! When my fingers are cramped and bleeding, come over and tell me that this is more fun than a video game?

If you love music than you should love these games. They are created with the sole purpose of having fun. Not everyone has the talent to play a real instrument. But if a person can find enjoyment from playing a plastic guitar with colored buttons, then more power to them. It's the closest thing that most people will have to playing the real thing.

Quickstrike4079d ago

thats the understatement of the year

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Marceles4079d ago

I guess I'm getting GH3 until the drum instruments come out. That was the only reason why I was going to get it was for the drums, but I'm cool with waiting to play this until next year. Games are killing my freakin' wallet this year.

Latham994079d ago

I'm glad I actually have a choice as to which music game I buy, I don't particularly care about the drums or mic. Looks like EA's forced bundle made the choice easy for me :)

Guitar Hero III for the win..

Nostradavis4079d ago

@Latham99 ,

Yeah, thankfully EA can't buy the rights to music like they did the NFL, NCAA, and ARENA football leauges.

Or can they????

Latham994079d ago

I thought the exact same thing man, I could easily see EA buying exclusive rights to music so no other company could use them in video games. It's this type of strongarm tactics that harm consumer choice IMO.

Sylo4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

wrong reply, sorry

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