TVG: Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis Review

In stark contrast to the shock and surprise caused by the original Xbox 360 announcement, the decision to port Table Tennis to Wii seems like a no-brainer, particularly if Rockstar can tap into the phenomenal success of Wii Sports. As such, there are no radical changes to what was on offer 17 months ago. Intent to deliver the gameplay sincerity that lurked beneath the 360 version, Rockstar have eschewed Wii friendly touches such as 'Mii' integration for the same clinical approach and minimal selection of Exhibition and Tournament modes.

Although it lacks the next-gen sheen and along with it the award winning sweat effects (if Rockstar didn't win any then they should have) and realistic cloth movement, Rockstar's RAGE has been brought across to Wii largely intact - a good sign for the future of Rockstar titles on Wii. Perhaps Rockstar Leeds could have done a few things to make Table Tennis look less like the 360's uglier sibling, but at the very least it retains the strikingly authentic animation and the ferocious tempo that is a linchpin of the series.

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Radiomorph4082d ago

Didn't think it would do that well. Good news.

cooke154082d ago

nice! damn another Wii game i gotta get this month :| im gonna go broke :(

Manhunt 2
Battalion Wars 2
Table Tennis


ItsDubC4082d ago

Being a huge fan of and a former pro (jk lol) at table tennis, I was gonna purchase this until I realized that Battalion Wars 2, Guitar Hero 3, Fire Emblem, and Mario Galaxy were all coming out within a month of eachother. As a result, this is probably only gonna be a rental for me at least until a game drought.

games4fun4082d ago

i dont like the wii but i love fire emblem games hope its good like all the rest.

Covenant4082d ago

This was a surprise hit for the 360, and the Wii's controls are perfectly suited for it. I smell a hit.

cooke154081d ago

7.8 but hey Gamespot gave Wii sports a 7 whatever and look at what happened with that

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