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Submitted by Hitman0769 1757d ago | news

COD in Real Life? Soldiers Kill Innocents in Afghanistan

JI writes: "It is well known that armed forces do play video games while overseas doing tours and active duty. Not all times call for such lax measures, however it is a good stress relief, recreation, and in some cases forms of communication with friends and family back home to hop on a PC or gaming console as well as play some video games such as Call of Duty.

However, some of the US soldiers in Afghanistan have taken it upon themselves to commit acts comparable to the "No Russian" mission in Modern Warfare 2 while on duty. Murdering friendlies and civilians (in an attempt to be covert and take an otherwise unseizable location) in what is being called a "Kill Team" operation, this crew brought their sport-like first person shooting out of the video game and into real life." (Culture)

SpaceSquirrel  +   1757d ago
That is absolutely horrible.
iamnsuperman  +   1757d ago
Agree but this is what you get with an army willing to accept people to replace the soldiers leaving to keep up numbers. Something is not right with these guys. I remember a story done by channel 4 found many soldiers in one platoon were allowed to serve while taken medication (types of medication to do with PTSD and of sorts) due to sort numbers. Just inexcusable
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soundslike  +   1757d ago
Theres three types of people who join the armed forces:

1. Those who want to defend something or feel like they are contributing to society

2. Those who see it as paid job training for a career back home.

3. ...and then those who go to shoot guns to compensate for small dick/childhood/what-have-you
captain-obvious  +   1756d ago
goes to show you how much of a scum US solders are (not all of them but the majority)
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M4I0N3  +   1757d ago
its so shocking to hear things like that from whats been going in the middle east.

People from places like Palestine also suffer things such as this all the time.

Its also shocking that the mainstream media don't tend to cover news such as this, to show to the public the real situations going on.

iamnsuperman  +   1757d ago
That is because America supports Israel in a one way or another. I might get disagrees with this but hey. Its due to a large portion of American Jews in America and them feeling the Palestinians are their illegally because Israel is given to them by god (really given to them by the west to set up a Jewish state i think after WW2). Its politics for you.

You should watch the louis Theroux documentary on ultra Zionists from early Jan. Shows a lot about the ethos on Israel
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goaliegonzalez28  +   1757d ago
wtf why exactly did they do this
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sickbird  +   1757d ago
Because their scumbags? you see this shit going on in our military all the damn time and its sickening. No disrespect to the american armed forces because i know there are good soldiers in our military but this shit makes me sick.

We're becoming what the Russians were in WW2.
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Dart89  +   1757d ago
This is sad.

Edit:These guys deserve whatever is coming to them.

Damn no wonder the world is a mess right now.
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BetaChris  +   1757d ago
Careful, you're treading on some dangerous ground here.

Comparisons to COD's *largely fictionalized* version of war, and tragedies such as this open the doors for all manner of discussion regarding gaming's supposed desensitization effects...

That said, do I think these soldiers were deliberately reenacting a Call of Duty stage? Not in the least.
Hitman0769  +   1757d ago
I agree.

However, I feel like the politicians are constantly pointing at video games as a cause of violence when in reality they are having us turn a blind eye to the violence our tax dollars and their decisions are causing.

I know a lot of great people who are in the military, however acts like this are going completely unpunished and being swept under the rug meanwhile we are being told that a simulated fictional war has no place in entertainment.

"Before you start pointing fingers... make sure you hands are clean." - Bob Marley RIP 1981
N4GAddict  +   1757d ago
No wonder the rest of the world hates us
hasj1990  +   1757d ago
Have not read the story, I already know what's its basically about by reading the description.

Its been going on for years, US soldiers killing civilians.

My family members have been killed in Pakistan (where my father is from) from US drone strikes. But I don't have any problem with Americans, just the people that run their country year after year.

What I hate most, is when Americans treat their soldiers as heroes, I mean sure they are "fighting for their country" or so they are told, but what reason are they fighting for.

1 comment from Youtube: "....We Americans still don't understand why they, along with the rest of the world, hate us. Wake up people! The real terrorists are right here at home ruining our economy, using our money to commit mass genocide around the world, pushing psychiatric drugs on our children, and brainwashing us using the mainstream media"
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M4I0N3  +   1757d ago
sorry to hear about your father, may he rest in peace.
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dylandurden  +   1756d ago
Who the f*ck would disagree, I wonder...
Kon  +   1757d ago
Eiffel  +   1757d ago
Elven6  +   1757d ago
This is old news, horrific as it is, what the hell does this have to games? This post is absolutely tasteless, to compare this event to a game, especially one that is so far rooted from reality is ridiculous. Further, the article makes no mention that this is linked to games, so what gives?

Stuff like this is what brings down the Examiner.
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SeraphimBlade  +   1757d ago
Geez, coulda picked a different title. I don't think you need any help attracting attention to soldiers KILLING CIVILIANS. Jesus, I know war calls for drastic measures. There will always, always be "collateral damage" on both sides. It's the fact that the soldiers seem to be proud of it. That finger trophy thing is just f*cking sick.
NotoriousWarrior  +   1757d ago
Im not sure if any of you have seen this but you should watch it. Just to warn some it has real life killing of innocent people. Its from Wikileaks.


That's reality. There are people that have yet to realise that stuff like this goes on every day. I heard that in Afghanistan over 60 innocent people were killed when tanks ran over cars.

It's common and the more people aware the better.

hasj1990 already gave a link to the same killings but the above link has the full videos.

And people complaining on what this has to do with gaming you should ignore it sometimes. It's rude to the people that have died from incidents like these. People have the right to know.

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hasj1990  +   1757d ago
Yep and the guy that leaked this info...

sitting in prison, for the rest of his life probably, how sad.

and I agree support WIKILEAKS
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sickbird  +   1757d ago
i really wish i hadn't watched that.
xabmol  +   1757d ago

This is what always happens with an occupying war.
warrior9988  +   1757d ago
... it aint cool i dont support this
xabmol  +   1757d ago
vgcgames  +   1757d ago
wow, that's crazy
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CRUCIFIEDxx  +   1757d ago
Douche bag move to tie that fuck-tard incident in with a video game, trying to pimp a article out and using a game reference to get it on a gaming site is absolute shit. The story is sad, horrific and a damn shame-- but using the "video game" angle is shite and a skum bag move to try and get a article more reads.
9thGenHero  +   1757d ago
Why are we all so stupid? (Humans)
joab777  +   1756d ago
Wow. It is not surprising something like this may happen. It is horrific and inexcusible. But what is also surprising is the lack of pro military stories that come out of rolling stone. But then, I guess in many peoples eyes, the military are simply thugs. And I must say, equally disturbing, is the blatant anti semitism. Instead of watching a pro muslim documentary, do some research on palestine. While.I do feel for the refugees, they suffer at the hands of their own elected government, hamas as much as from their neighbors. And while u ar at it, delve into the actions of surrounding countries who have in the last half century done nothing to help the palestinians. It is a propoganda tool that they use. Its amazing that israel can assimilate every new in the world into a nation the size of new jersey, but jordan, egypt etc. refuse to allow fellow muslim refugees into their country. But since u r an anti semite u will b happy to know that egypt is ending its alliance w israel as the.muslim brotherhood takes control and countries will soon b voting on a declaration to suggest israel go back to 1947 borders, leaving them indefensible. But it's not like its the 40's again w blantant hatred for jews,and a madman claiming he want to eradicate all jews, garnering power by the minute and using proxy states to instigate a world war. No, that's not happening. And he isn't on the brink of nuclear technology either. U probably feel that america mistreats muslims and shouldn't aid our democratic ally israel and that our military are just mercenaries. Its ok, go play CoD, and pray u never need them to protect u, and that ur hatred isn't widespread begin a third world war!
Killzone3___  +   1756d ago
america want iran to do something to have a reason to start a war with them which is a third world war , it's a fact and all the people who know what is happening knows that , the middle east rulers and governments are with them { but not the people in it because they are not with them and i mentioned the reasons in my first comment }...
joab777  +   1756d ago
I don't think we want a war w iran...especially not this president. It wont b us vs. Iran. It'll b us vs. Ira, russia and china
Killzone3___  +   1756d ago
this is nothing compared of what happening in middle east , in middle east rulers and army's are doing the most horribale things you ever know , here is an example :
--- they bring 3 army's against people don't have any kind weapons and say iran is invove but they are not ...

---they kill womens and children , arrest them and only GOD knows what they do to them in prison so imagin what they do to the mens...

---they attack houses in midnight , take what ever they want , humiliate the family , beat the mens , arrest them , threat the family , they even eat in the kitchen !!! they do things we muslims don't accept it ... this month they killed to womens and barried them and threat the family to not tell anyone or they will strike them or something like that...

---they put snipers { a women died by a sniper last month } they put the army to kill people out side , they put checkpoints {or something like that } to look in the cars even though people don't do anything , if someone have the flag of the country or any thing they hate they arrest him and some people get killed and put in a garbage { i don't know what you call it , it's something you put your stuff whe n you buy things }

--- they attack the hospitals , they don't let the patient go there , they put checkpoints in a hospital , the army in the hospital have weapons , wear masks like if they are terrist { because they are not from the country } .. they arrest doctors and nurses both mens and womens , thye threat them and beat them ...
they attack schools , arrest teachers both mens and womens , they arrest students , they even arrest 10 years old , they hit the girls and threat , they don't let students go to school...

--- they attack mosques and destroy them , they burn the quraan ..

--- all the things that happening in there is not mentioned by the government because they are the people who's doing these things...

all of these things are not half of what is happeing in Bahrain and other countries , just imagin 3 army's in one island , they even wanted to bring 5 army's ...

obama and his government are suppoting them , we have proves and i mentoned them befor...
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SfxPryde  +   1756d ago
That is sickening.

CoD does desensitize people to gory gunplay but I'm pretty sure poor parenting is to blame more than anything else.
gypsygib  +   1756d ago
I fail to see what videogames have to do with their atrocious acts, I'm sure good soldiers play the exact same games. Stuff like this and worse has been happening well before videogames were invented.

The author is suggesting games are to blame which is pathetic and dangerous as it avoids the real cause. This is a serious problem and people should be looking at holes in the psych assessments during recruitment or some other more likely solution.

COD didn't turn the 25 million people playing it into remorseless murderers, these guys should have never gotten past recruitment, that's the problem.
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Lulabarbie  +   1756d ago

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