DTG: Portal 2 Is Not A Triumph

Dedicated to Gamers takes a scathing look at Valve's most recent title, Portal 2. While the game is entertaining and funny, it fails to deliver the content that a $60 game deserves. Should Portal 2 have been a full retail release, or did Valve make a mistake by making this Portal sequel a stand-alone game?

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Jio2621d ago

I think it's worth the $60 dollars, really great game. Can't wait for Portal 3 :)

dedicatedtogamers2621d ago

We will see if the public thinks it's worth $60. I have a strong hunch it won't sell more than 1 million.

Jio2621d ago

Sales don't make the game. Most of the best games don't sell much.

Pandamobile2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

Hahaha, it sold close to or over a million on day one including Steam sales.

dedicatedtogamers2621d ago

@ Pandamobile

Sorry but I meant consoles.

@ Jio

Sales meant that customers wanted the game. How is such a basic concept so hard for gamers to grasp?

Jio2621d ago

Troll, I will feed you no longer.

frelyler2621d ago

@ Jio, sold 675000 units day one. So you should take any strong hunch you have in the future and do the exact opposite of that.

jrbeerman112621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

your hunch is already wrong, hasn't been out a week yet lol

BattleAxe2621d ago

Well I've got almost 11 hours into playing both single player and co-op and I haven't beaten either of them yet. I think I spent 11 or 12 hours playing God of War 3 and I was super happy with that game. When I look at what I got with Portal 2 with a full single player campaign, a great co-op experience, a free PC copy of the game, Steam/PS3 integration, shared game saves and trophies/achievements through the Steam Cloud and cross platform Voice and text chat(which I've tested with friends of mine and the voice chat works flawlessly between PS3 and PC), I think that there is alot of value here. Personally I think this site is just trying to be contoversial so that they can get hits.

MaxXAttaxX2621d ago

Portal 2 was an amazing game. It was like 3 times longer than the first game. Loved the ending. The new gameplay elements are great.

Definitely worth my money.

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earbus2621d ago

Best cross platform game released is shadowrun with out a doubt as its actually multiplayer not just co op.

Motorola2621d ago

Should have been cheaper. I beat it AND the co op. Now its just sitting there....

Pandamobile2621d ago

So wait for the SDK then play some awesome user made challenge levels.

b163o12621d ago

You already beat it?? Dude get a life

undercovrr2621d ago

Ok so if he doesn't beat it now, he'll beat it in a week. $60 for a week's content that is not re playable is not enough

TheMysterion2621d ago

why does everyone keep saying it's not replayable? give it a month then see if you remember how to solve the puzzles and why are you done so fast? chill yo

Motorola2621d ago

Its only like 5 hours and I got it a day early. two hours a day almost. I CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE A LIFE/S The only reason it will take you long is if you cant solve simple puzzles. I may be inclined to call you stupid then

NoobJobz2621d ago

What's wrong with the game? It's something different. It makes you think, it has some great humor, and it can be great fun. I mean sure, replayability may not be there but I love this game so far.

dedicatedtogamers2621d ago

I love the game too, but the lack on content is something that should be addressed. The first Portal launched with three full-length games and an awesome multiplayer mode. And The Orange Box wasn't even full price. Portal 2 has a brief, low-replayability storyine and a brief, low-replayability co-op mode and it is a full-price game.

Clearly there was a drop in value.

silkrevolver2621d ago

Yes, the Orange Box is maybe the greatest deal of all time, but we can’t expect Valve to give us stuff like that all the time. They’d go bankrupt. The fact of the matter is it has two full game modes, prospective DLC and what is there is amazing. I think it’s worth it, and many other people do too.

jrbeerman112621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

you will find that most will disagree with you.

Orange box was a great value yes, but were all separate games before that. valve put together a great package, shouldnt take away from future releases.

portal 2 will give you average length single player, a co op mode, and with ps3 and pc you will get tons of updates and custom levels.

Assuming you wrote article, where are you seeing lack of a good fan reception, and what are your sources. I have seen borderline worship for this game. stop using hunches and trying to put them as fact

BattleAxe2621d ago

@ Dedicated

If you are so concerned about the amount of content that comes with games these days, I would have been super critical about Killzone 3. Three game modes and 8 multiplayer maps out of the box, in a genre that in order to keep things interesting they must have more than 10 maps on release. I felt the same way about Bad Company 2, it got released with 4 game modes and 8 maps. I think you have to pick the games and the specific types of genres a bit better if you're going to criticise games for lack of content. Some games you are buying for the storyline and perhaps a co-op experience, and some genres like shooter rely on a busy online experience that has enough content to keep gamers happy over the long term. I didn't buy Portal 2 because I figured that I would be playing the game for months on end, but I bought Modern Warfare 2 with different expectations.

undercovrr2621d ago

I think most of the people disagreeing with you did not play Portal 2 and see for themselves. I can't say I played it either, but my friend bought it on release and he is almost done with it. You're completely right, portal 2 is a great game, but the biggest problem (as the article also states very clearly) is content. Even single player games like God of War for example are lets say 12 hours long. The difference is that you can re-play those games. Puzzle games are not re-playable at all, no matter what anyone says.

$60 does not justify a relatively short non-replayable game. valve should have released a puzzle creator, and that would have definitely added huge value.

silkrevolver2621d ago

Why would we defend something we’ve never played? I, for one, have certainly played and beaten it. Yes, it was short... but now I have Co-op to look forward to, and I was already satisfied with what I played.

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Kakihara2621d ago

Dedicated to Gamers takes a scathing look at their hit count and decides to take drastic action.

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