Microsoft Drop Korean Anti-Trust Appeal

Microsoft has dropped its appeal against an antitrust ruling in South Korea after losing a similar case in Europe last month. The cases dealt with Microsoft's 'market dominant' position in the European continent and within Korea. The Korean Fair Trade Commission demanded a settlement on over 30bn Korean Won.

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zenit_focus4077d ago

Regardless of what Mr.Gates thinks they do blatantly have a monopoly over the p.c. software industry. I'm amazed his lawyers managed to persuade him out of pursuing this further.

PimpHandHappy4077d ago

they know they will lose thats why his lawyers stopped him. I wonder if this will knock that 3% halo spike they seen on there stock


PopEmUp4077d ago

I wish his lawyer tell him to keep pursuing and then he will fall into the bait if that gonna happen that will be a big news for sure, could u imagine it

BIadestarX4077d ago

Why should Microsoft appeal? It's not like they will lose money? Do you think that the gov will give that money to the people? Nope... They will keep it to themselves... while Microsoft get to increase the price of their products to compenstate for it.
For the most parts these anti-trust law sues imply removing software from windows OS... example... not ship windows with Media player... which is why Microsoft released so many versions of vista.. that way.. they can just release it the one with the least features in countries that scream anti-trust! Anti-Microsoft people think this is a good thing.. but in reality it does not hurt microsoft one bit.. it hurts the consumer.. because now.. they get to pay more for less... many of these contries don't want Microsoft OS to bring anti-viruses, anti-spyware, remote desktop, media player, backup utilities, etc... forcing the consumer to have to buy it from another company...
Good for the consumer? nahhh... good for other companies that have a better chance of selling their software if the OS does not come with it.

kn4077d ago

This suit makes no sense. MS is an American company and they aren't harming Korean operating system manufacturers as there aren't any. This is just a power play by the Korean government to capitalize on Microsoft's widely publicized antitrust suits elsewhere and pick up a little cash. 90 billion won is about $90 million which isn't worth the litigation. Microsoft figures they will just pay the "fine" and go about business as usual. Look at it as extortion or a bribe...

zenit_focus4077d ago

I agree; they are not harming the non-existant Korean maufacturers, but this is a country which went through the fastest industrial revolution in the world, they're an ambitious nation. And dont forget that they have North Korea right next to them, so maybe they dont want to seem too pally with such a major symbol of US capitalism?

jackfatal4077d ago

MS are arrogant!! they want to own all the pc's in the world and they succeeded!!
people u have to understand something!! where u love the company or not!!
competition is the way to go for us costumers!! if it weren't for x360 and wii ps3 price wouldnt have dropped now!! and if it wasnt for the ps3 price drop x360 wouldnt cut the price again this year!!!!

just imagine u have a company that selling products that no one sells!! of course u will control the price of it!! whether we costumers like it or not! if they need it they still will buy it!! its probably costing them to make vista around 30$ for each copy! but they sell it 300$ thats crazy!! i dont know about u guys but i will never pay for something that cost 10 or even 50% of its real price!!

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