The Forbidden Bonus In No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition Exposed For Leering Eyes

Marvelous announced No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition for Japan. Yes, this is another version of Grasshopper Manufacture’s game but there are features that were not included in the Japanese version of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.

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jc485732648d ago

Suda51 really loves his No More Heroes.

jc485732647d ago

sigh...I have a feeling that we are getting the one with none of these features.

LoaMcLoa2647d ago

Yeaah :c We're getting the 360-version of NMH: Paradise, but for PS3 that is

ThePsychoGamer2647d ago

We will get this version, eventually.

sasuke992647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )


Venox20082647d ago

I love these series! :)