Xbox 360 Review - Half Life 2: Orange Box - 9.5

Ripten's Andrew Podolsky reviews Valve's "Orange Box".

"Combine, Capture the Flag, and Cake. There's something for everyone in this remarkable collection of first person shooters (and one puzzler) from the tech wizards at Valve. From the gorgeous landscapes and alien architecture of the Half Life series, to the sterile laboratory of Portal and cartoon personalities of Team Fortress 2, there's such a great variety inside Orange Box that it's hard to run out of fun things to do."

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Rama262854076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Why is this in the PS3 section? And the Gaming and PC section as well for that matter? I'm looking in my PS3 section and have no interest in an Xbox 360 only story like this.

Good score though.

Nostradavis4076d ago


Still it is a great review that is pretty much relevant regardless which console you are playing it on.

Nostradavis4076d ago


Because the game is also available for PS3 and the PC. In the past I have posted reviews and previews for games available on multiple consoles and have been reported for not listing the other consoles the game was available for.

Rama262854076d ago

I see what you're saying and I can understand why you have done it, if in the past people have reported you for not putting it in all the channels.

My understanding of the rules are, that if the news is relevant to all the different consoles then it goes into those channels - not if the game is available for all those consoles. As it stands, IMHO, this news should only be in the Xbox 360 section since it's only relevant to that console. It certainly shouldn't be in the Gaming channel as well.

Nostradavis4076d ago

Yeah, I am still trying to understand how to navigate through all the fanboys and properly post news on this site...its not as easy as one may think.

: )