Killzone 2 Full Interview: Producer Talks Environment hazards, New gameplay & More

Earlier today, a chunk of GamePro's Q&A with Killzone 2 producer about Blu-ray was posted on N4G. Here is the full interview that talks more about the gameplay and new additions.

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CaliGamer3994d ago

Probably an honest mistake, no system is perfect.

IdontTakeSides3994d ago

yes it's already been posted....NEXT..!!!

MK_Red3994d ago

Guys, that was only part of interview that was posted. Do you even check the link and read the story?

joydestroy3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

no, do you check links and read articles?
it was not ONLY part of an article, it was the whole thing...
after clicking on that link and then clicking on the source, scroll to right before the comments start and it says "Read the full interview"


Bazookajoe_833994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

But i rather read it twice than miss out, so thanks anyway..

Edit: Yea like joydestroy says..

wil4hire3994d ago

Earlier today it just said "READ THE REST." Or something. Which was odd. It didn't redirect you to an ad or anything.. just refreshed with the rest of the interview.

joydestroy3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )


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