PS3 used to have an In-Game XMB back in 2006

Ps3Fanboy reports:

"Remember early 2006? The PS3 was still in development, and people were curious about all the new things PS3 would bring to the gaming community. People were excited for the XMB navigation system, where they'd have access to all the features of the PS3 in one easy-to-understand menu.

Fast forward a few months and now we see restless fans waiting for in-game XMB access. People want to access the XMB's features without having to quit a game -- but wait! We're watching this IGN video from 2006 ... and it clearly shows the XMB being accessed! (Watch at around 2:30 in the video.)

What happened Sony? In-game XMB was the plan all along, but nearly a year after the console's launch, why is this feature still missing?"

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Itachi4052d ago


is it really that much of a big deal

C_SoL4052d ago

hell yea its a big deal. im tried of getting out of the game because people are hitting me up while im playing my games & also, ive been wanting to bump music while playing my games. nothing wrong with a little rock here in & a little rap there thoughout playing the game. come on sony get up off your as$e$ and give us in-game xmb.

Kleptic4052d ago

content aside, it is the only thing XBL has on the PSN...the features are there...and really strange things happen in certain its obvious that it is coming...but it is truely frustrating at times...

Some games have everything featured in Resistance...every single thing you need to do you game game invites...parties/clans...lobb ies...everything...but its not unified with the you can't send messages to people in other games...other games don't have all that, but they have it tied into the xmb in a wierd way...Vegas for can send messages and invites, that bring up join screens that are part of the xmb...and messages will show up for you even if you are playing a different game...but you can't send a message back to that person playing Vegas in w/e game you are have to quit back to the main xmb screen in order to do it...

its just a matter of games not all being the same...insomniac commented on it, stating they would release a patch once in game xmb is activated to unify resistance's messaging its just a matter of time...

again...the features are shows things that the xmb is capable of that other games do not show yet, with join screens specific to the simply can only access them through the game, not by simply pressing the PS button...

its coming though...and will be very nice once its here...

MikeGdaGod4052d ago

this is the only thing i miss from the 360, mainly being able to respnd to messages and listen to music while playing games. i wouldn't use it in every game, but it's definately needed.

sony has already comfirmed it's coming, but when? hopefully soon.

also they need this for the PSP too. do that for both and i'll be happy.

pandabear4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

I will be glad when in game xmb is up and running. The demo was on a debug system and they obviously came across several problems with it for them to not go ahead and implement it. But I'm sure they will be working hard to get it sorted and my guesing is that come the 30th October we will see 2.0 and it will include in game xmb - 14 days to go :-)

Edit: 2.1: I never said it WAS 2.0 I said 'my guesing is' and I still think it is 2.0 inc in game xmb and home open beta, you see for home they require to update the agreement to include 'not uploading offensive material to virtual communities''no stalking of people in virtual communties' etc etc - Hmm - what could that be? Go read the agreement all the updates are in red and it makes it pretty clear.

C_SoL4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

sorry to break your heart but that update ain't no firmware update. its a PSN update.

who ever disagreed with me is dumb. because what i said above is true & i'm not lying neither.

@2- ahh whatever man, im just hoping what you say is true if not you were wrong.

Kleptic4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )


HeartlesskizZ4052d ago

wow it sure has improve since then but xmb is everyone's dream including me =)

CaliGamer4052d ago

Probably had some trouble and needed to polish it up a bit. I would rather have a feature such as this work smoothly rather than a half a$$ed implementation. Sony knows the competition, and if the video is to be taken at face value, they are aware that this is something that the PS3 could use. No need to fret, new features are in the pipeline for all systems.

joydestroy4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

yeah compared to my 360, XMB is a big deal. i found it weird that i had to quit my game on the PS3 to get to ANY of the features on the XMB, where as on my 360 i could get to at least some features without quitting my game.

features that are needed on in game XMB would be to view friends, send messages, sign a profile in/out and go to a main XMB, which would quit your game so you could access other features like playing a downloaded game/demo, etc...

i think it should have the same features as the 360 if they want their PSN to compare to XBL.

WIIIS14052d ago

Comparing XBL and PSN - that's just unfair.

wageslave4051d ago

One serious issue is the amount of memory that the PS3 OS uses when developers want to make these things available.

Each "module", chat, in game DLC, music, game-invites that are always present in the Xboox 360 Guide have to be implemented on a game-by-game basis on the PS3, and require much much more RAM and CPU core reservations.

The firmware on the PS3 is just a mess.

There are great articles on about all this...

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