Time Extend: Xenogears

Was SquareSoft's other bold, trailblazing PS1 RPG too ambitious for its medium? Or is it simply that nobody's since dared dream so big?

Considered by some to be a multimillion-yen, convoluted science-fiction vanity project, Xenogears nevertheless remains one of the most keenly eulogized PlayStation RPGs.

Viewed ungenerously, it's a confused hotchpotch of play styles, lacking focus and consistency across its 60 hours of winding, occasionally incomprehensible adventuring. Detractors argue that the game's been propelled to cult status for little more than a marrying of overwrought philosophical posturing with big stompy robots, that classic infatuation for the college student fanboy...

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Zhuk4080d ago

Xenogears is one of the most brilliant games to ever be released on Playstation, if you haven't played it GET IT NOW! :) I'd love to see a true sequel to this game, not Xenosaga which was just an interactive movie with dungeon grinding between cutscenes

MrWonderful4080d ago

I agree with you on this.

JsonHenry4080d ago

Xenogears is the ONLY Japanese RPG that I have ever 1: Liked, 2:Finished, and 3: would love to play more of.

And I agree - Xenosaga was bullshit. Certainly not what I was expecting and not what I wanted.

I wanted a true sequel to XenoGears.

Marona4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

JsonHenry, Xenosaga isn't even a sequel or prequel or even connected to Xenogears at all. Stop confusing yourself with Monolith Soft after departing from Square Enix(leaving square owning Xenogears), Monolith Soft went to bandai namco with the same team to make Xenosaga Ep I, During Ep II half the cast left including the original creator - while III... that was the best, in my opinion.

As of now, Nintendo(bought 'em) owns Monolith Soft.

lonestarmt4079d ago

haha well xenogears had that alot too. Do you remember the second disk? gosh it was just fei i a chair remembering things, then boss battle, can't get more of an interactive movie than that.

I for one loved the xenosaga games, there were tons of stuff to do after a certain part of the game. yeah the cut scenes were too long, and the third fixed that, however the story was still great and bold, and had a great villain albedo. You just need patience and taste for story over action.

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lonestarmt4079d ago

three was the best of the series, its a shame they ended it there. However they are connected. They linked Id in the third game, fei was in it in fact, but as his early incarnations. The zohar are in, the connections are everywhere. Its weird that they had to cut the series short and put so much in the third, yet that turned out to be the best of the xenosaga series.

Skerj4079d ago

When this game came out it dethroned Chronotrigger as my favorite RPG of all time. So far no other game has come close to the story depth and complexity this game gave me, although Persona 3 is burning itself into a high position in my top games.

omansteveo4079d ago

I agree dude till this day Xenogears is my all-time favorite RPG, i'll take it over any FF any day

midgard2294079d ago

both xenosaga and xenogears were amazing for their own reasons. xenosaga rocks, love the story and part 1 and 3's gameplay, xenogears same thing. man they just both are amazing. and actually both xenogears and saga are semi connected in spirit.

jins appearance resembles citan, and jin and shion have citans last name, Uzuki. second ID is a secret boss in Xenosaga 3.....he is so hard. oh and wetall in xenosaga 3 turns into ID, so theres some things. i know the original creator had a huge imagination and alot of plans for the xeno series but never got to finish it because of namco bandai.

oh and nintendo owns 87% of monolith. namco bandai still owns a little bit of it. Hopefully for that xenosaga action game for ps3 that was rumored ;p

WilliamRLBaker4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

But still an convoluted story with the need of a degree with theology studies to even understand half of it.

Xenosaga was crap compared mostly being nothing but a interactive movie in each iteration 1-3, They had to cut it short because the games sucked and they didn't make enough money on them, and you know they we're trying to make the prequal sequals to xenogears *gears being the 5th in the supposed 8 game long series* but weren't able too because nearly all names, characters...ect we're still owned by square soft.

Xenogears was still a good game, Because I was able to understand it *having read a godly amount of books on the subject of myth, and theology which is an requirement to understand the storyline* I'd like them to rejoin square along with bandai and recreate the xenogears saga starting with ep 1 and finishing the games in an episodic format using the same engine *upgrading along the way* so as to save time and money so the games can be released once a year.

With the above critera they could easily do it year by year, Use the same engine...ect but upgrading over time so the engine used in the first game is nothing like the one in the 8th game.